Tuesday, December 6, 2011

6 Italian Guys {dream}


Sarah and I were at this park, but it was like downtown at the same time. We parked the car at a lot similar to where we park up the hill at the soccer field and went to the park. There was like a bridge like on the highway, and perpendicular to the bridge was a brick wall, high enough that I had to jump up and haul myself over it with my arms if I wanted to see over it. If I did, then I could only see people's feet who were standing on the level ground because there was an iron railing. That doesn't really make sense, but in dreams, nothing does.

We were just chillin', not really having fun exactly. It was more like we were running or hiding from something and had decided to stop there. We had bags on us, like my black duffel and cheetah print bags. Maybe we were running away. Somewhere along the line, a bench appeared on our side of the brick wall, and at the end of the brick wall on, far down from where we were was a door. Just like a normal door, but the wall ended with the door, and there wasn't, like, a roof. So it was just a useless door that you could just walk around if you wanted.

I was sitting on the brick wall, texting or something, when I saw the six guys coming to the door. I tried to tell myself that they were just people at the park like Sarah and I, but they looked like trouble. They were probably 19-20ish, Italian and attractive. But they scared me immediately.

They walked through the superfluous door and sauntered over to Sarah and me. I was still on the wall, Sarah was standing on the ground. The guys started small talking, you know, what's up, how come you girls are here alone, kind of creepy stuff like that. They all sort of made a semi circle around me and Sarah, Sarah's back to the wall. I typed 911 on my cellphone, just in case things got weird, but I was still trying to convince myself that I was overreacting.

Then it became obvious I was not. The guys jumped on me and Sarah, trying to drag us with them. I hit SEND on my cellphone, but then the phone got knocked out of my hand. I struggled against the guys who had my arms, trying to get away. I knew cellphones had trackers in them, so I didn't really need to say anything on the phone, the police are supposed to come no matter what. But then I remembered reading somewhere that the #1 way to get an emergency response quicker is to give your location. So I started shouting it at the phone:

"THE LIBRARY! THE LIBRARY!" Only then I remembered that that wasn't the name of the library. "THE (blank) COUNTY LIBRARY IN (blank)!"

I don't think it worked, because the guys theoretically got us into their hotel room, which looked exactly like where we'd been the whole time: beside the cement bridge and the brick wall with the stupid door and iron fence.

The guys were outside the door, standing on level ground so that I could see their legs if I hiked myself up the brick wall. They were plotting what to do to us. Sarah was just sitting around like a lump on a pickle this whole time, not even upset. She was completely indifferent about the whole thing, looking at me like I was retarded, overreacting to the whole thing. It pissed me off, but in a situation like that I could afford to have my mind occupied by anything but an escape plan.

"Go look out the window {which was looking through/under the bridge} and see if our car is still there," I told Sarah. She meandered over like she thought it was the stupidest thing ever and turned around, lip curled, eyes rolling.


"Good." I started packing, which was risky because some of our stuff was on the brick wall, meaning that if the guys were looking our way, they would see me grabbing stuff and potentially know what we were doing. Of course, I had to risk it. As I got the stuff, I got the unnerving feeling that they were watching the whole thing, knowing what was going on, and not doing anything--yet. It made me feel like a mouse to their cat, a rat in a maze.

But then they did do something. They started for the door.

"No!" I squeaked. I whirled at Sarah. "Go! Lock the door!" She just kind of looked at me like, No, you do it. "Sarah! GO LOCK THE DOOR. THEY'RE COMING."

She went over and grudgingly locked the door, whining, "Nooo, they'll be mad and make us runnnn." {I think they'd been threatening us with stuff like that before.}

I ignored her. So long as the door was locked.

"Hey, open up!" demanded one of the guys. "You better get over here right now!"

I was done packing. I grabbed Sarah's hand and we went out the window. I think we climbed onto another balcony and then through that room into the rest of the hotel. I was running around, desperately trying to find an elevator. We had to get to the roof, because that was a) the only safe place from the guys, and b) it was the way to get to our car.

Couldn't find an elevator, so decided to take the stairs. Suddenly David is there holding the door for me, his arm in a sling. I was inexpressibly relieved to see him.

"Come on!" I said, motioning him frantically. He frowned and pointed at the glass walls around the stairs. Anyone in the hall could see everyone on the stairs. Meaning that if our kidnappers started down the hall to look for us, we'd be spotted for sure. I was stricken, and out of plans. "What do we do then?"

"Go down," David said, pointing. Perfect! The kidnappers knew we needed to get to the roof to get to the car. It was the last thing they'd expect. We ran down the stairs, top speed, and finally out of the hotel and back into the downtown area. From there we...I'm not completely sure. I wanna say we went back to the car, but I know more happened. But I did realize one thing:

"Sarah!" I cried. She wasn't with us. "David! How could you leave Sarah?! How could you not tell me she wasn't with us?!" David made his annoyed/baffled face.

"I didn't know she was with us! Why are you yelling at me? Why didn't YOU keep up with her?"

The question was so valid that I just caved in on myself. Then I woke up.


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  1. Wow, that is one crazy dream. But it probably was not so fun while it was your "reality". I always try to pscho analyze my dreams, but then I figure I just know me too well. Like of I am pissed at somebody I would be annoyed with them in my dream.