Thursday, December 1, 2011



I have a lot of rules about Christmas. Mainly they govern the celebration thereof, and there is actually only one:

Nothing before December.

No lights, no tree, no music, no tacky lawn ornaments, nothing.

There is Halloween. There is Thanksgiving. And THEN AND ONLY THEN, there is Christmas.


It's such a happy time of year. Everyone should smile and wave, and there's talk of snow and Santa and sugar cookies.

Also the stress of gifts, but we're not going there now. Wait til, like, the 20th.

But not until December 1st.

So, to keep with this rule and also the bright and happy spirit of Christmas, my sister and I decided to stay up until midnight and blast Christmas music on the first second of December first :D

Except she has actually gone to bed. So it's basically just me. >.> Hope no one minds being woken up to by THE CAROL OF THE FREAKIN' BELLS.

>:D Mwa. Mwahahaha.


I'm clearly too tired to be posting :-| I should really stop. I'm sorry.

It's possible that at some point I will go back to posting thoughtful, well-organized articles that people actually want to read.

But then again, Pandora never promises anything but ME, and I have not been that way lately.

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