Monday, December 5, 2011


It would not be an exaggeration to say I am somewhat OBSESSED with dreams. One of my most-asked questions of my friends is, "Have you dreamed lately?"

I find them completely fascinating. What does my mind do when I'm not thinking about it? What's my subconscious up to? Dreams let you see, study, and understand yourself in ways that you CANNOT do when you're awake. They reveal your true colors, your deepest fears, your most buried desires, and all the things you've been processing recently.

I once dreamed that I was in Narnia, and I sold Aslan out. That really bothered me and my struggle to build loyalty, honor and courage have grown since.

I once dreamed I got my back sliced open by an Uruk-hai {Weird Eragon-LotR hybrid dream) and the only way to heal me was to give my sister to the Uruks. My parents voted to give up my sister. I've been more protective and vocal to praise her since.

I once dreamed that my husband cheated on me, then forced me to have an affair myself so I could have a chance to be happy. I still have not shaken that uncomfortably desperate, betrayed feeling.

I once dreamed that freaky Russian lady kidnapped my friends and threw them over a cliff into a raging river.

...yeahhh, that one didn't have much of a life-application.

Your mind is like a huge computer, and dreams are a way to hack it.
Your mind is like an endless supply of video games that are new every night through dreams.
Your mind is like a window to your soul that you can peer through with dreams.

You have nightmares that are psychological, or gory, or, tragic.
You have wishes that are embarrassing, or enlightening, or surprising.
You have scenarios that are helpful, or confusing, or inspiring.

There are so many types and uses and feelings of dreams. I just find the whole concept absolutely enthralling. You may already know that I love nightmares {with the exception of Searching Dreams}.

I dunno. Dreams are like the closest thing we have to magic. Anything is possible.

And the coolest part is, when it's over you just get to wake up.


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