Tuesday, December 13, 2011

On the First Day of Christmas...

Do you guys realize there are only 12 days until Christmas?? :D

From the time I was born til a few years ago, grandma would do the Twelve Days of Christmas for us. She would send us a huge bag of wrapped presents every year, and starting 12 days out, we would unwrap one every day until Christmas. We got lots of cool little things like gum and candy and notebooks and pens and socks and sometimes MUNNEH.

In honor of that tradition, I've decided to celebrate the Twelve Days of Christmas with you guys :D

Lemme say up front that there will be no giving of actual presents, unless you count the gifts of unspeakable joy and excitement I bring to your lives.

I realize that Twelve Days of Christmas usually starts with one present and works its way up to 12, but that seems backwards for the way I want to do it. I'd like it to be more like a countdown. So I'm going to start with 12 and we'll enjoy the days as they come until there are ZERO DAYS LEFT AND IT'S FRIGGIN' CHRISTMAS :D

{I turn six the second it hits December, I swear. Then and whenever anyone mentions "Disney World."}

So. Without further ado, I give you


I got that little guy in the middle from my grandma's mantle :) I saw him and told her I collected Santas, so she let me have him.

I love him. My mom gave him to me last year.

His feet are a bell :D

These guys are salt and pepper shakers. The craft lady wouldn't let me buy just one, so I have twins. The Polly is Cassandra and she's just chilling there because I can't remember where I actually keep my Pollys.

His face changes when you push the green button on his tummy XD

I made that house. It used to be a white box.

Don't they make a cute couple?

He hangs from my blinds. As you can see.

He has a snow globe stomach, but the water is now yellowish and the glitter is stuck to the bottom. Fail.

And there you have it. 12 select Santas from my large collection :D


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