Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Magic Box {dream}


Momma and Daddy and I drive to a hotel to see the Browns {Randy, Cindy, Zack}. When we get there, there’s a black tie event going on in the ballroom, which has bleachers all along one side and windows on the opposite, so we can look in the window wall and see everyone seated across on the bleachers. But it’s black tie and we’re not dressed up so we can’t go in.

Same dream, same setting, but now Momma and Daddy aren’t with me. I’m with like maybe two other people, I think both guys but I dunno who they are. We’re spying on some guests at the hotel, or maybe trying to steal something from them, or maybe both. Actually, I think we’re trying to steal this magic box.

For whatever reason, we climb up like a trellis and onto the porch of one of the hotel rooms. From there we sneak into the bathroom and spy on the people and actually kidnap a baby. The kid is a baby sort of, but it’s really intelligent so it talks and knows what’s up. I get the baby and climb back down, but for some reason I have to keep going back up, maybe to spy or maybe to fix things that I did wrong, or something.

We eventually got the box too, and started messing around with it, like “Haaa, we got it!” and showing off with it to each other. But it was a stormy night and one time when we activated the box lightning struck at the same time and the box was like *ZAAAAPEXPLODEFREAKOUT* and we were like OMG WTF.

A little while after that we got caught by Coal-esque person, either a hotel guard or a rival spy.

Turns out, there was a legitimate reason we were instructed not to use the box: we didn’t know its power and instructions well enough. It’s never supposed to be used on a stormy night because it has a weird and dangerous reaction with lightning.


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