Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Traditions

Three Christmas Traditions At My House
1. The Open House: The second week in December, my mom and Sarah start baking insane amounts of goodies. They have a schedule of what to make when, so that they could tell you which batch of cookies will be in the oven on Wednesday at 2:47pm. The second Sunday in December from 2-5, as many people as possible come to our house and eat all the delicious treats. It's awesome.

2. Baby Jesus: We have a manger. It's wooden and baby-sized and my dad made it when I was like one or something. Every year, it sits empty on display until Christmas morning when a doll appears in it--Baby Jesus. When I was little this was one of the most exciting traditions to me. I would check the manger every day, and be so thrilled when on Christmas, Baby Jesus had finally come.

3. The Cross Collection: Every year, someone different in my family makes a Cross in secret. There are four people in my family, so ever four years it's my turns. You can make the cross out of anything you want, however you want, but it should mean something to you. It should symbolize something that happened to you in the past year, or a revelation you had, or something that changed. The person works on the Cross during December, not telling anyone what it is. When the Cross is finished, it's wrapped up like a present and put under the tree. The maker gets to pick someone to open it on Christmas morning.

The Cross tradition is especially exciting to me right now because this year is My Year. My senior year and I get to make the Cross? How cool is that? I may tell you more about this later, because I'm really happy with my idea.


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