Friday, December 23, 2011

Tis Two Days Before Christmas

'Tis two days before Christmas
And all through my home,
The family is chattering,
not a member alone.

My dad's making jokes,
while my mother just grins.
And my grandma stops by
just to nag me again.

Sarah is showered
and ready for bed.
While I try to shake songs like
"Noel" from my head.

The lamps in the windows
are all shining bright.
And the sky arches smoothly
to hug the cold night.

Except I am lying;
It's not cold at all.
It's fifty degrees,
which is average for FALL.

But the lamps are quite shiny,
that much is still true,
And nearby I see presents
In red, green and blue.

In my room is some proof
it's my year for the cross.
And I'm chatting of Santa
to my friend Aaron Ross.

{I hope it's okay
that I just told his name.
I'm sure he won't mind
all the sure-to-come fame.}

But back to the ev'ning
of Christmas I share
with my family and dog,
full of loving and care.

My room is all jolly
with Santas and things
And I've even got tinsel
which glitters and clings.

Upstairs in the hall
hang the pictures of me
and my sister each Christmas
in front of the tree.

The fire is roaring
And though it is gas,
I shrug off it's faux-ness,
in its heat I bask.

The stockings are lying
all neat on the floor
Just waiting to be filled
with goodies galore.

My tummy is full
of rich chocolate fudge
I'll eat it all day
{'Til I'm given a nudge.}

My house is so pretty
and festive and kind.
We're all happy inside
So the heat we don't mind.

A warm Christmas is fine
if that's what God picks.
{And Matt won't get stuck
when a flagpole he licks.}

What matters this year
Is what's inside your heart.
Just live, laugh and love.
I think that's a good start.

At first when I came
to the computer to write
I had no intentions
of poetic delight.

But I stared at the post
with its yawning white face
and I knew that a poem
was right in this case.

So I hope I've done well
and concluded this right.
Merry Christmas Eve Eve
and to all a good night.


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