Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Thanks for reading, LaFroggy!

Three years ago today, my family moved into this house. I can hardly believe we've been here that long. It feels like...a year. Two is a stretch. But it's actually been THREE...

Things Come to Like or At Least Gotten Used To:
~ 4 bathrooms. It is so freakin' great, guys. No more waiting with a bladder about to burst. Ever.
~ WALKING to find someone when you want to tell them something. At my old house, you could hear anyone from anywhere in the house.
~ A miniscule yard. I still dislike it, but I've come to admit that it isn't ACTUALLY that small; our old yard was just MASSIVE.
~ 2 TVs. And cable. How did we survive before?
~ Gas fireplaces. It hasn't ceased to feel fake, but I'll admit, the convenience of warmpth at the flick of a switch is aaaalmost worth it.

Things That Still Throw Me Off:
~ My parents sit at different ends of the table than they did at the old house. I don't even understand why they changed this when we moved. My mind is hardwired to think that Mom sits on the left and Dad sits on the right. I mix up their water glasses every time.
~ Having the air vents on the ceiling of my room. I just hate it. I always feel like there's air blowing on me and it gives me a headache.

Today is also the three-year anniversary of FINISHING DRIVERS' EDUCATION {although yes, I did JUST get my license} and meeting one of my best friends, Sam. W00T!



  1. Your welcome!! congrats on getting your license!

  2. Thanks! It's great :D