Thursday, March 22, 2012

I Tell Myself It's Liberating

Thanks for joining us, TayTay! :D

Sometimes I get these urges to post stuff that makes me uncomfortable. Like, I'll just be going about my business, and suddenly think:

"Hey, why don't I go through all the terrible poetry I've written and vomit it all over the internet?"

{But don't worry. I legitimately nixed that idea.}

I get ideas that are embarrassing and make me feel naked. Ideas that are personal and make me feel terrified. Ideas that make me think to myself,

You must be a glutton for punishment.

Only then I remember that I'm masochistic and it gets awkward XD

But no, seriously. I don't think posting cringe-worthy material has anything to do with the masochism. I think it's me trying to free myself from inhibitions. It's me wanting to get a hold of myself. It's my way of letting go and embracing the future.

I think writing personal posts is my way of undergoing the metamorphosis that every high-school senior undergoes. We all do it differently, and I think this is my way. Pandora is sort of an online journal for me, where I drag the skeletons out and bury them where they belong.

Sometimes I feel like apologizing to you guys. You feel the dirt from my soul and see the corpses in my closet. YOU must be gluttons for punishment XD Ah well. I justify my ranting by saying, "They can stop reading if they want to."

So yeah. Always feel free to stop reading Pandora. Because I'll probably never start censoring myself XD



  1. I think the reason Pandora is so good is because of HOW you write and WHAT you write about. Nobody cares about characters in a story if they're perfect and have no struggles. They need to make a journey, come to realizations, admit weaknesses and conquer them. When you write about yourself it's real and the community that reads your posts is a supportive group of friends that want you to succeed. The rest have probably fallen off a while ago. I like you the way you are, don't change :)

  2. Why would we want to stop reading something so good?