Monday, March 26, 2012

If I Die Young...

This song was stuck in my head the other day. I was going around the house humming and singing it mindlessly, when suddenly I stopped.

"If I die young..." I mumbled.

If Kimberly Perry dies young, she wants to be buried in satin and laid in a bed of roses.

But what do I want?

If I die young, bury me on the farm.
If I die young, put Ecclesiastes 7:10 on my tombstone.
If I die young, play Cosmic Love at my funeral.
If I die young, Jordan, hack my accounts and let people know.
If I die young, read my journals {and please accept my apologies in advance}.
If I die young, send up some lanterns, like in Tangled.
If I die young, someone finish "The Mirror." {The outline is in the green notebook marked "CREEPY STORY."}
If I die young, don't send flowers. Send money to this.

If I die young, cry. But don't KEEP crying. Remember me; remember what I believed in; and remember to do what YOU believe in.



  1. This is so heartbreakingly beautiful and thank you for what ever reason you stayed it means a lot <3


  2. This makes me feel good and depressed all at the same time

  3. This is really beautiful. :>

  4. What a great thing to consider. I've thought about it a bit, but never that in-depth.

    Also, I love Ecclesiastes 7:10... what a great verse :)