Sunday, March 4, 2012


<<<< So. Do you?}

So, despite the fact that I'm eighteen, I'm actually new to having a license/driving alone.

{It's a long and tragic story. Maybe I'll tell you sometime. But I'm kind of tired of it, so more than likely not.}

To me, driving is easy and fun and liberating. I also enjoy using my own judgment without having my mother clutch the door handle like I'm NASCAR racing off a broken bridge into a lake of shark-infested acid.

*ahem* I'm feeling descriptive.

But aside from not having to drive with a woman who exudes tension and mistrust, I've noticed several other things as a new driver.

~ I get sort of attached to the cars around me. You learn each others' speed and breaking styles, and after a while it's almost like you know each other. But then someone makes a turn and the process has to start over. It's mildly depressing.

~ Drive-thrus are more challenging than I originally assumed.

~ I love driving in the fog. Like, I actually do. There's an element of adventure and excitement in having to trust that the road is going to be there when you get to it.

~ Oh. Messing with your iPod while driving actually DOES impair your focus. Weird.

~ Deer are retarded. They're so retarded that I don't even want to dwell on this bullet point long enough to make it funny because they don't deserve it.

~ Maintaining the speed limit is a constant focus. I didn't realize what a relentless facet of driving this is. I assumed you would just reach the appropriate speed and the car would stay that speed as long as you maintained the same amount of pressure. But that would be too easy.

~ I love watching peoples' expressions when I stop at a light and I'm blasting metal. Double-take citaaaaay.

That is all.



  1. Another fun post!
    I would love to try driving in the fog, but you have to be 17 to even learn to drive here - surprisingly, you only have to be 14 to drive a tractor, a huge, powerful, destructive system, which takes up the full width of the road.

  2. haha i've had my license since i was 15 and now i'm 21. i love driving!! but i don't usually get attached to drivers around me..i mean sometimes i do, but mostly i get annoyed because people are stupid lol.

  3. Haha, Natalie said what I was thinking. In freeway driving you never get attached to the cars around you. Eventually you'll get used to maintaining a constant speed. Your drive-thru point made me think of all those scuff marks I see on the concrete posts. Hmm

  4. I love driving. I usually hate C driving because he gets so tense(and not so mild road rage). I really hate aggressive drivers. Dude, does getting there 5 minutes earlier make it worth risking your life. I only let C drive me when i plan on drinking.