Saturday, March 24, 2012


<<<<<<< Which phrase do you use?

Things I'd give you for...

My copies of Wicked Lovely and Forest of Hands and Teeth.
A pack of gum
My ChapStick

Some coloring books
My earrings
My M&M earbuds

School papers/projects that got amazing grades
My phone
My Ed Hardy shoes
All my nail polish
My dance shoes

My Ember bracelet
Our DVDs
Batman apparel
My little guitar that I don't play

My iPod
Stuff I got in Europe
Our new Kia Soul {red and black interior. I'm pretty sure this is love. But for a hundred thousand dollars...}

Not for any amount of money would I give you...
My journals
Real Blank {my baby blanket}
The stuff in our heirloom chest
My computer {i.e., all the files on it}
My notebooks
My family's land
All our books


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