Thursday, March 1, 2012

Reference Letter


Dear Sir or Madam,

Matt is one of my oldest and favorite friends. Church brought our families together when Matt was only three years old, and we grew—and are growing—up together. I have had the privilege of watching him become the person he is meant to be, and am constantly encouraged by the young man I see emerging. I am confident that Matt would not only benefit from the Westward Bound experience, but would also bring laughter, integrity and enthusiasm to the group.

Matt has a wonderful sense of humor. He appreciates teenage boy humor as much as the next freshman, but he also creates fun in unexpected and witty ways. His hilarious, though harmless, quips and comebacks make everyone laugh, and often spread a spirit of acceptance or diffuse tension. He manages to hit the sweet spot of being entertaining without being overbearing. Having Matt around is guaranteed to bring genuine laughter to the group, but also a spirit of integrity.

Young people often struggle with choosing the right thing over what the group might be doing. However, Matt has never been one to follow people—even his friends—against what he knows is right. He represents his principles in whatever way appropriate, be it quietly or persuasively. Matt’s sense of fairness goes beyond merely following the letter of the law; he understands the subtleties of right and wrong, and leads by example. You’ll find fewer people being unkind or dishonorable with Matt around.

Matt also leads by example when it comes to enthusiasm. When Matt believes in something, his passion is contagious. Even those who were originally disdainful may find themselves being drawn towards Matt’s attitude of willingness to learn and engage in a project. Matt is a diligent worker and a valuable ally when it comes to getting others involved and excited.

With his sense of humor and quiet leadership, Matt would unite the group and encourage a spirit of enthusiasm and integrity. I think he would be a tremendous addition to the Westward Bound group. He would benefit educationally and personally from the experience, but would also inspire the same in others. Matt is the kind of student every organization loves to have as a part of their project.

Reference letter for my un-biological little brother. Except that he's bigger than me now. Considerably.

Ah. I love him a lot.



  1. I take it that it is for something religiously related.

  2. If you don't mind me asking, what is it for. Most schools and some jobs do not want references that refer to your religious affiliations, race or sexuality, lest the ugly accusation of discrimination be raised.