Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Dance Competition

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I was pretty nervous about my solo. If I forget the dance, I'm alone and screwed. If I do badly, there's no one to cover me up. Plus there were all kinds of things that might go wrong, like the floor being different from what I was used to, the stage being bigger/smaller/oddly shaped, not getting the counts right, etc.

But by 7:50, thirteen minutes before I went on, I had pulled myself completely together. That's the thing about me: I might be vomiting from nerves two hours before, but right before a big event, I get very confident and collected and focus on chilling other people out. This was no different.

Right before I went on, I got briefly, extremely nervous again. But then I walked on stage and didn't have the mental space for panic.

The dance went alright. It wasn't BAD, but it was not great. I messed up the counts, despite constantly practicing the day before, and didn't let my body fall the way it was supposed to a couple of times. The girls said I did well though, and I didn't actually see myself, so I guess I'll have to trust them.

The awards rolled around not too much later, and I did about how I expected. I got 7th place among solos, and first in my category, BUT the category had like four people in it XD So that doesn't mean much.

Still, it wasn't a terrible experience like I expected. It wasn't amazing, but hey, I have another day tomorrow, so it could get a lot better.

Or a lot worse. Hm.

Although, I'm not sure it can get worse than the trophy I won today XD



Sunday was definitely better for my nerves because I was dancing in groups. No more solo action. I've discovered that I like dancing with people MUCH more than alone. It's such an energy bond. You have energy, you feed off their energy, and you just end up feeling unstoppable.

The first dance I had was hip hop. I was the least worried about it. I know the dance, I love the dancers, and it's so much fun. We performed, and I felt good about my part. When you know the dance really well, you can focus on making an impression on the judges XD Love it.

I was most nervous about the contemporary dance, which we did next. I don't know if I've complained about Riley here before, but I'm going to now.

She showed up so late to the competition that our dance had to be skipped and moved to a later time. We were still running through the building to get backstage as the announcer said, "And number 425, Jet Plane."

Riley then had the nerve not to do the dance. As in, she literally sat on the stage for part of the dance and didn't do the moves. As I was doing our floor part, I saw her out of the corner of my eye, just sitting there, not going to the floor with the rest of us.

I messed up the end of the dance though, so :3

When we got off the stage, our teacher, Mrs. Lauren was like, "That was probably the worst you guys have ever done it."

But somehow, the dance came in 9th out of 12, and the hip hop one came in 10th. We think there must have been a judge who was down on hip hop, because that dance was definitely better than the contemporary one.

The last dance was with the entire competition team, so girls from 8-18 years old XD The music was a remix of a bunch of different songs with "magic" themes. In the beginning, we're wearing capes, which we take off after the first two eight-counts.


My cape wouldn't come off. The velcro had a conniption and wouldn't un-velc. So I had to yank it over my head XD Personally, I think I pulled it off pretty well, and Mrs. Lauren said so, too.

I felt really good about the dance, and when we got off stage, Mrs. Lauren said, "That's probably the BEST time you guys have ever done it." WooT! :D

However, we didn't get a particularly real award for it, because the other dances were miniature So You Think You Can Dance episodes. I didn't care, though. You know why?


I don't think I've ever been so glad for something to be over in my entire life. Ha. Lle. Lu. Jah.

{Points if you read that correctly the first time XD}

So yeah. That was my first ever dance competition :)



  1. Good for you! I always choke up when I have to "perform" something for people, like playing guitar or something. Too bad that Riley ruined the dance for you guys. Do you think you'll do another competition? Will you be able to keep it up once you're in college or university?

  2. wow!!! congrats, it seems you guys did well. it's realy easy to mess up everything when you're there. but the bad was 1 out of 4, so good!!!
    and, by the way, i read it right the second time. =)