Monday, April 11, 2011

5 Days of the April Project

Join with my on my quest to go the entire month of April without straightening my hair.

April 2
Not bad, not bad at all.

April 3
Kinda bad, kinda bad a little bit.

April 4
It was 80. And I wanted to tan. Without a hair tan-line.

April 5
I am aware that I look like I'm six.
I had a massive APUSH paper that was kicking my buttt.
I'm lucky to have hair left at all.
April 6
I know the point of this is my hair, but I wish you could see my whole outfit here.
'Cause I kind of loved it.


  1. i'm so addicted to my straightener it's ridiculous... so good for you for going through with it- and besides, your hair is naturally long and beautiful with a great wave to it. rock it girlfriend!

  2. Well thank you! My hair has its good days...and it's very, very, VERY bad XD


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  4. You're so beautiful!
    I'm jealous hehe (^_^)

  5. Oh gosh, really? Haha thanks...that's really sweet :)


  6. Your hair is gorgeous as it is, so stop messing with it. There are just days, like my hair for instance, has a personality of its own. And she can really be bad. As in bad ass bad!
    Keep it long girl and rock it!