Friday, April 8, 2011

Christian Bale

It's been what, two weeks since I talked about hott guys? I've learned to face it, you guys should too: I like hott guys.

However this hottie post in particular isn't just for me. It's also for Psycho, who asked me about Christian Bale while he was on my CurrentObsessions list. {He's gone now; I have a rather short obsession span.} I decided he merited a post because he seems to be pretty awesome.

The Basics:
Name: Christian Charles Phillip Bale
Age: 37
Hair: dark brown
Eyes: brown
Height: 6ft

Does this lovely individual look familiar to you? You may recognize him from the movie "Little Women." He played Laurie.

No? Okay. Try this:

Yeah, he's also Batman in "The Dark Knight." Therrrrre, does that ring a bell? If it doesn't, you should familiarize yourself with the movie right away because not only is Christian Bale in it, it's also just a good movie.

He's also been in a lot of other random things such as "Anastasia: the Mystery of Anna," "Treasure Island," "The Machinist," and several Shakespeare play movies.

Basically, he's cool. And quite cute. I might have had a little more enthusiasm a couple of weeks ago after I had just watched "Little Women," but as I said before I have a very short obsession span and I'm pretty much over him.

For now.

Pictures, pictures:



  1. yeah... christian bale is hot. if he wasn't such a dickhead in real life he would be a lot sexier. have you seen his new movie the fighter? i heard he did really good in that one. he's a bad ass actor, that's for sure! though i think i prefer his little women/newsies days :)

  2. Oh ugh is he really? :-/ What a fail. I didn't even know that. I loved him as Laurie though <3


  3. Geessh, thanks Steph.
    But wait a minute, he's an ass in real life? I did not hear that either. I wonder what kind of a dickhead he is. If he beats women, then he totally falls into the NOT HOT AT ALL list.
    Now I may have to research more about him. Dang it!
    More Hot Guys pleez? :D

  4. Yes please. I don't care if he's an arse in real life, he's a babe.

  5. Haha, Christian Bale is awesome :). And yeah, he was GREAT in The Fighter-though he looked... gaunt! He really looked awful, and did a great job (as did Marky Mark xD). Have you seen The Prestige? He's amazing in that too :)

  6. okay lady,
    i just commented on the latest hott blog, and i will pre-empt this comment with info @ crushes.
    i believe in crushes. i have had them for people i know, and fantasies @ musicians and celebs - mostly as a kid/teen.
    but since i was a wee lass, and i saw this hunky fellow in "empire of the sun" i swooned. we are the almost same age, and i thought he was the poet i dreamed of.
    sometimes better than reality.
    see: his screamfest @ the peeps in a recent movie. what a turd!
    and yes- he gets a 9.9 on my hot-ass-o-meter!