Saturday, April 9, 2011

{Twenty-Eleven Prom}

When you read this, I'll be getting ready for prom. Since I obviously can't post while I'm trying to make myself look presentable, I have this post all scheduled for you. I'm so lame :D

The Hair
It should come out something like this. We shall see. Emma, I am in your hands.

The Eyes
Teal eyeliner over black, silver eyeshadow and black mascara.

The Nails
This is the only picture I have of my nails looking the way they look today. Can you even see it? They're silver with teal tips. Try to ignore my face.

The Dress
Made ya look.

The Shoes
{That's me and my Official Best Friend in the picture. And there's a glass white tiger.}

The Friends
"The Wild One"
"The Mace"
Element: Fire

"The Sweet One"
"The Bow" (as in arrows, not ribbon)
Element: Air

"The Mature One"
"The Shield"
Element: Earth

"The Blonde"
{Aaand she's not in the class where we make up our additional titles.}

"The Clever One"
"The Dagger"
Element: Water

Prom 2011 here I come.



  1. Gosh, I love the hair and the eye make-up.
    What can I say? Just rock it gurl!!! Have a ball!

  2. Your dress is GORGEOUS!!!! Hope you had a good time. (:

  3. Psycho: Thanks! I was pretty happy with the way my eyes came out myself :)

    Lily: Thank you! It was the first one I tried one. I tried on other ones, but from the beginning I knew that was the One.