Sunday, April 3, 2011


*gasp* I WAS WRONG.

You may remember a few days ago that I corrected myself in saying "spitting image." I had found out that it was really "spit AND image." Well. I decided to double check my facts and found this little beauty:

"Spitting image/spit and image: These phrases mean "exact likeness." "Spitting image" is first
recorded in 1901; "spit and image" is a bit older (from the late 19th century), which seems to refute the explanation "splitting image" (two split halves of the same tree)."

It would seem that I was wrong about being wrong (and so were a lot of you guys too). "Spitting image" is apparently also correct! HAH, WE WERE RIGHT ALL ALONG. And we knew that, of course, right? We were just testing everyone else...

Um, yeah.




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