Thursday, April 7, 2011

Latest {Over} Reactions

Thanks for following, Heather! I love love LOVE your profile picture.

Things That Should Not Have Affected Me as Much As They Did:

1. I finally killed the spider that has been haunting my room for 6 days. I was disproportionately overjoyed by this. As in, jumping around my room.

2. I saw a quote that said "Muffins are just ugly cupcakes" today and for some reason it made me want to cry. Muffins have feelings too, guys.

3. My sister and I got into a fight over whether iRenew bracelets were supposed to help balance or not. I was way angrier than I should have been and nearly chucked a camera at her.. {Btw, it IS supposed to help. Take that, Sarah. >.>}

4. Saturday night I was craving chocolate ice cream with brownie bits to an absurd and dangerous level. I ate about six other things with chocolate, but it was not even close.

5. I opened my blinds yesterday to find that it was snowing. Last week it was 83. My mind = blown.

6. Facebook would not let me upload photos yesterday and I nearly decided to help the computer out with a hammer. I'm beginning to think I'm kind of high-strung...

7. After typing the above, I decided to try uploading again. It did not work. I think I'll go punch a wall.

SO high-strung.

8. I am panicking significantly that I didn't send in my form for prom tickets in time. It's my own fault because I mailed them on the 30th. The deadline they have to receive them by was the 1st. I've had nightmares about not getting tickets for a week now. If I don't get some kind of confirmation soon I'm going to need therapy.

9."City of Fallen Angels" came out yesterday. GET ME TO A BARNES & NOBLE RIGHT NOW OR I WILL CUT MYSELF...a big piece of chocolate cake! But no really, I want it. "City of Fallen Angels." Now. Aside from dance, writing and eyeliner, Jace is my one love. {>.>}

10. I just realized I already pre-ordered it :D There is sunshine back in my life now.

Now if I only had prom tickets o_o