Thursday, April 28, 2011

April 15-24

So far so good. I haven't straightened my hair all April long...

April 15
Pretty sure I was listening to Relient K.

April 16
That's the only face I can make, apparently.
April 17
Oh, and this awkward lip thing...whatever that is.

April 20
I have an explanation for this. I had to babysit against my will. But don't worry; I fixed my hair before I actually left the house.
April 21
I look kinda like I have a mane XD
April 22
Yeahh... :D

April 23
My bangs were annoying me, so I twisted them back...
April 24
...and my hair turned out like this for Easter! I actually liked it, and that means I have not straightened my hair at all this month! YAY ME!


  1. smexy!
    My faves are the ones with it down, especially the messy ones :)
    I wish my hair was so controlled when it was messy!

  2. aw! i really love the last one hairdo!

  3. Heather: Haha thanks! My hair has its good days and it's bad ones XD

    Haze: Thank you! I was actually pretty pleased :)