Friday, April 22, 2011

HG Time!

"What," you might ask, "is HG?" Well I am here to tell you that HG is my abbreviation for "Hott Guy." If you are ever around me for long periods of time in public, you may hear me say this once or twice.

{"Dude. HG, 1o o'clock."}

So hopefully you are now excited, as you well should be. I am about to present you with one of my personal all-time favorite acting individuals:

Heeeeath Leeeeedgerrrrrrr!

{Or Heath Ledger. Whichever pronunciation you prefer.}

In the very first legit post on Pandora, I posted about Hott Guys. Heath Ledger was #3 on my list, but now I'm wondering what I was thinking, you know? But I think I was going by overall hotness, not just plain sexiness. And there is a difference, because if you look at that first post, you'll notice I have a Sexy Scale reading in addition to just putting the guys in order.

{I have being shallow down to a very exact science.}

{Ohhhhh I disgust myself sometimes.}

But Heath Ledger, y'all. Heath Ledger.

You can find him in "The Patriot," playing a {sexy} American teenager during the Revolutionary War. He fights and protects his girl and seeks revenge and remains honorable the whole dang movie. <333

He's also in "A Knight's Tale," a movie that I kind of LOOOOOVE. Like, I really love it. He's incredible in it, the story is a classic winner, and his character absolutely drips with the kind of honor you {are supposed to} find in the south. {Where I live, if that wasn't obvious from the "y'all" I used earlier.}

He's also in "10 Things I Hate About You," which I need to see. Although I'm not a huge fan of him with long, dark, curly hair... >.>

Then he's the Joker in "The Dark Knight." He did an incredible job of the role, but it's not like he was gonna be that attractive as a psychopathic clown.

Then you have "Brokeback Mountain"...

I don't wanna talk about it.

So yeah. As a person, Heath Ledger isn't particularly deep or awesome and that's really disappointing. He died when he was only 29, and from drug overdose, too. He also has two illegitimate children. So personally, I don't like the guy as much as I used to, and that's kind of depressing.

However does great job of acting and looking the way he does, so you gotta give him some credit XD

More Pictures Because I Can't Bear to End on the Joker:



  1. What is he in in the last picture? It looks familiar. Also, he was in The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus, but we also don't talk about that one. It was about as drug induced as Heath Ledger was. (it's funny, because...) yes, yes that was a bad and slightly rude joke.

  2. Shurt'ugal: I'm not sure where the picture's from, but it's the one I used in my first post about actors.

    Ah. Drugs. I'm not a fan of them. I hate that he took them, but I've heard he only overdosed because he was to sleep after "The Dark Knight." Apparently it haunted him. Hmm.


  3. have you seen the last movie he was a part of? The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. He couldn't complete it, but lord, he's beautiful.

    also Stephanie, thank you for stopping by my blog. your comment made me cry because i read it at a time i need it the most. i was so so depressed before i saw your comment, but when i read it, i was actually smiling while i had tears rolling down my cheek. thank you. you made my night. you really, truly did.

  4. Shruti: I have not. I might watch it sometime, juuust to see what it's all about.

    I can't even tell you how happy it makes me to have helped you in any small way :) I know how it feels to be at the bottom and how much you sometimes need some encouragement to go on. Things usually have a way of working themselves out, sometimes later than I wish, but I bet things will go the same for you :) I hope so.