Saturday, April 30, 2011

Twin Day

It's not really. But if it were, I'd talk about how I've recently discovered the fact that Heath Ledger and Jordan Gordon-Levitt look a heck of a lot alike.

Hey, now that I'm on the subject...guess what? :3 Heath Ledger and Jordan Gordon-Levitt look a heck of a lot alike.


Who's this?

How about this?
Yeah. See what I mean?

It's ridiculous.
Maybe they're related.
Except they're not.
So, the obvious question can you tell them apart?? It's actually pretty easy: pick the one you think is more attractive.

That one's Heath Ledger.



  1. Heath Ledger of course. There's some kind of character in his rather angular but manly face. soft and tough at the same time.
    Joseph Gordon-Levitt has that endearing lost puppy look that works as a fool-proof charmer. Didn't work with Zooey Deschanel though in 500 Days of Summer. :D

  2. Shurt'ugal: Oh yeah, I can kinda see that.

    Psycho: Agreeeeed. Exactly my thoughts. Except that I haven't seen 500 Days of Summer.


  3. I love Heath. Such a loss. I agree with the puppydog thing, Heath was just freaking hot!

  4. I can totally see it with the first two photos. They're both basically easy on the eyes. :) Not to mention, my fave movie includes them both.

  5. hahahhahhha that last sentence definitely had me giggling. for about a minute.