Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My Guy

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More poetry from yours truly. This was written a while back. It has absolutely nothing to do with "My Guy," despite the misleading title.

My Guy

I want a guy
Who plays the guitar.
And older guy maybe?
Who owns his own car?
A guy who loves learning
And likes a good book.
Who appreciates music
And won’t make me cook.

He’ll know words are important,
Both sweet ones and clever.
He’ll know dating is fun
And marriage is forever.
He must make me laugh
And really love God.
And love me in spite
of the fact that I’m odd.

My guy will surprise me
Just when he should.
He’ll know the big difference
Between lame and good.
He has to be brave
In the practical sense
And know how to cheer me up
When I’m all tense.

He needs to like talking;
I want to converse.
And know when to stop me
So I don’t make things worse.
Loving sports isn’t crucial
But liking them is.
He can like my chick-flicks
But better not be his.

He won’t wear pink
Or have hair too long.
And he must understand
When I burst out in song.
If my guy could sing
I think it’d be great.
He better love arguing
And staying up late.

Kids are for sure;
He has to know that.
And since I’m allergic,
We can’t have a cat.
A responsible guy
He has to be too.
You know, keeping a job
And fixing things too.

I know I sound picky;
I am—and that’s good.
I’ll know when I’ve found
The best match that I could.
My ideas might change;
I have growing to do.
And I have to make sure
It’s what God wants too.

God loves me a lot
He’s become a great friend.
See, the guy that He wants
Gets my vote in the end.
God has a plan.
When my guy comes, He’ll shout,
“Hey, Stephanie! That’s him!
I’ve had him all picked out.”



  1. Wow--this is awesome! I have a list of qualifications but you having it as a poem, all perfectly rhymed like this is amazing. I have NEVER been able to write rhymed poetry.

  2. Pretty awesome poem! Like Polka Dot, I can't write poetry, but I can write lyrics... sort of (plus, they don't have to rhyme :D )

  3. Oh, this is totally awesome!!!! I LOVE all the things you wrote. (:

  4. Muchas gracias, mi amigas!

    {I had a Spanish final today...}

    Sometimes poems just kind of come to me :)