Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Prima Verbum

If I remember my Latin correctly, that SHOULD mean "first word." I was thinking about this today as I was writing my story. I wanted to know what my character's first word was, but I didn't. {She hasn't told me yet either, so I'm still in the dark on that one.}

See, like Names, I feel like First Words might be really important. They might not be, I mean, when you're 18 months old your subconscious isn't exactly teeming with foreshadowing. But still. First Words might mean something. I'm pretty sure mine did.

My first word was "book," and I think that's one of the coolest things about me.

To have a first word that so represents who I am is very cool to me. I love to read and I'm a writer, so what better first word for me than "book"?

My sister's first word was "more" because she needed a way to ask for more food. It's funny because she's a food person to this day. She's not fat AT ALL, I swear, but she loves food. Whenever we have good dessert, she's super excited. Whenever we finish lunch, she wants to know what's for dinner.

So I'm Book and she's More. What are you? Do you know your first word? If you don't, it might be a fun fact to ask your parents. Maybe you've changed a lot from your toddler self, or maybe, like me, your first word isn't so far off from who you are today.



  1. Now you got me rummaging boxes for my Baby book. Dang it!

  2. Haha :D Hope you find it!