Thursday, April 21, 2011

Books That Everyone Should Read

I saw this on Facebook. Hopefully we've already established the fact that I'm a total bibliophile, so this particular list grabbed my attention. It's called {as you hopefully gathered from the title} "Books That Everyone Should Read."

So yeah.

I was pretty dang pleased to discover I had read several of them, more than a lot of other kids my age. So that was a good excuse to pat myself on the back and watch my head inflate a few more inches.

Maybe you can show me up. I could use some humility today. I'm in a Mood.

Books That Everyone Should Read {not in any particular order}:
{The ones I've read are in bold.}

1. Narnia
2. Ender’s Game
3. Heart of Darkness
4. 1984
5. To Kill A Mocking Bird
6. Watership Down
7. All Quieto n the Western Front
8. Harry Potter
9. Fahrenheit 451
10. Of Mice and Men
11. Animal Farm
12. The Three Musketeers
13. Les Miserables
14. Lord of the Rings
15. A Clockwork Orange
16. Lord of the Flies
17. The Grapes of Wrath
18. Twilight
19. Don Quixote
20. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
21. Wuthering Heights
22. A Farwell to Arms
23. Life of Pi
24. The Invisible Man
25. Brave New World
26. Frankenstein
27. Dune
28. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland
29. Siddhartha
30. The Hobbit
31. Crime and Punishment
32. Dracula
33. The Little Prince
34. The Scarlet Letter
35. One Flew Over the Cukoo’s Nest
36. Gone with the Wind
37. Little Women
38. The Bell Jar
39. The Jungle
40. The Handmaid’s Tale
41. The DaVinci Code
42. Kite Runner
43. The Wind in the Willows
44. Slaughterhouse-Five
45. A Tale of Two Cities
46. The Color Purple
47. Pictures of Dorian Gray
48. Jane Eyre
49. The Old Man and the Sea
50. East of Eden

I have so much more to read. It's crazy. How are there so many books out there? So many stories, thoughts, ideas? People are such incredible beings, wouldn't you agree?



  1. I'm pretty sure you have me beat. :)

    I LOVE "To Kill a Mockingbird." What did you think of it?

  2. Okay don't tell a soul. But I am a geek. Contrary to popular opinion. I will write the numbers of the Books I think you must read and check out. (I see your list and I realize I AM a book geek, damn!)
    Read: #2, 7 (I'm an army brat), 10, 12, 13, 16, 17, 19, 21 (MUST), 29 (Must, Must), 33 (Classic), 47. Trust me. :D

  3. Polka Dot: I loved it! Scout was hilarious and provided such an unjaded view of the world.

    Psycho: That's pretty much awesome. Thanks for telling me the good ones!! I love reading suggestions. I'll try to hunt them down over the summer.