Saturday, October 1, 2011

29 Ways to Stay Creative

How cool is that? Cool enough to inspire a month's worth of posts, that's how cool!

I've decided to live each day according to one of the Ways to Stay, and then post about it. Hopefully by working my way through this list, I'll manage to keep my creative juices flowing for a least another month XD

But as I type this, another idea is coming to me.

How are YOUR creative juices doing? Are you staying creative? Yes? No? Maybe not as much as you'd like?

How about we do this together? Let's make it a party while we're at it. Live each day doing one of the things on the list, and then post about it that night/the next day. Or maybe if you just want to do a few of the days, that's fine.

What do you think? Who's up for Staying Creative through the month of October? :) I'll keep the list of days going on the sidebar a week at a time if you just want to jump in for certain appealing-sounding days.

Take the button and let's get creative!


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