Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween >:D

I could tell you about how Halloween is a holiday created to get all the evil out of our souls before All Hallows or something, a day for being holy, or I could skip that cliche jabber and tell you about my personal Halloweens.

{I'm listening to the Mission Impossible theme song right now. You should try it. It makes life so much more interesting.}

Age 2: I was an astronaut, using the vacuum cleaner hose as my oxygen hose. {My parents used to be awesome...}
Age 3: I was a cowgirl with a cute hat and an actual knife in my holster :D
Age 4: I was a cowgirl again, but this year, my little sister, Sarah, was my cow.
Age 5: I was a cowgirl....AGAIN.
Age 6: At this age I rebelled against girls with cows and declared that I wanted to be a stalk of corn. My mom dressed me in green and tied toilet-paper-roll-yellow-construction-paper corn cobs to me.
Age 7: I was a boot. It's amazing what you can make with yarn and two cardboard boxes.
Age 8: This year escapes me at the moment...I may come back and tell you later.
Age 9: I had this awkward normal phase where I went trick-or-treating as the Swan Princess. Whatever.
Age 10: In 2004, I was a pirate princess--with an actual peg leg made from a cardboard box.
Age 11: I was a calculator made from white board.
Age 12: I was a fire fairy along with my four bestest friends at the time.
Age 13: Fire fairy again.
Age 14: Bwaaaaaa, too old.

Age 17: Fire fairy XD Booyah.

Happy Halloween. Embrace the acne that inevitably follows a large-scale chocolate intake and have a good night!


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