Sunday, October 2, 2011

Staying Creative: Make Lists

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Okay, we all know how much I love to do this anyway. I have roughly six jillion lists running at any given time. However, I feel like posting lists I've already made is cheating. If I'm going to stay creative, I have to actually do this stuff, like, on-goingly. {'Cause thaaat's a word.}

So, in honor of it being fall, I give you these autumn lists I made today:

Words To Describe Outside:
1. Crisp
2. Bright
3. Clear
4. Cold
5. Sharp
6. Alive
7. Mischievous
8. New

Things To Do This Fall:
1. Read
2. Drink tea
3. Go on walks
5. Do my best in school
6. Love
7. Laugh
8. Learn

Things I'm Glad About:
1. My senior pictures went well.*
2. The SAT is behind me {until November 5th. *sigh*}
3. I can wear my "I <3 Roma" sweatshirt.
4. I'm doing better in math.
5. Thanksgiving is only a couple of months away.
6. I'm becoming great friends with my Norwegian exchange student neighbor.
7. I saw an R-rated movie in the theater.**
8. I love "The Illiad."

* I'll post the three sneak preview pictures the photographer put up on Facebook this week. I actually LOVE them. It's amazing what good camera can do!

** Yeah. Cassidy and I saw 50/50 this weekend, and it was awesome. I've seen plenty of R-rated movies at home, but this was the first one I had seen in the theater. I could pretend that I was really chill and nonchalant about it, but there are no secrets or lies on Pandora, so I have to confess that I felt like a six-year-old getting to stay up late.

I was kind of disappointed that they didn't card me though. I wanted to be like "BAAM. SEVENTEEN."

Of course, what I REALLY wanted to do was go see an R-rated movie ten months ago, when I was actually sixteen, and see if I could sneak in. But that never happened, and I'll probably be disappointed about it for the rest of my life. I thought you should know.

Stay tuned for tomorrow, when I will be carrying a notebook with me everywhere.



  1. Oh so that's what they meant by lists. And I felt exactly the same when I saw my first R movie in theater.

  2. I wish I could join in, but I'm going to be super busy this week - heck this MONTH. BTW: I'm still following you, but my blogger thingy wouldn't get your feed for some reason.. Still reading your posts though!

  3. Jay: Well, I assumed XD Haha, yeah.

    Riah: Ah well; I can totally understand that! Yeah, Blogger has been messing things up left and right lately... Dunno what's up.