Monday, October 17, 2011

Staying Creative: Practicing and Allowing Myself...

to make mistakes. Of course, that's such a challenge since I don't make mistakes...


Today was wholly a mistake. Here's a graphic of what I got done today:

Interpretation: "Next to nothing."

Yeah. Today I should have done two math lessons, some theology, worked on debate, read a book of "The Iliad," and probably a little Spanish would have been good.

What I Actually Did Today: sent out invitations for a party I'm having soon, went out to lunch, went to the grocery store, messaged Jesse about doing a collaborative story, wrote some story, and lurked around on Facebook.

So basically, today was ONE BIG FRIGGIN' MISTAKE.

BLUGH. Tomorrow is gonna be Hell. If I were smart, I'd go do some school work really quick NOW so that it wouldn't be.

Actually no, if I were WISE I would do that. I AM smart. I'm not denying it.

But unfortunately I'm not wise. Notttt wise at all.

Tomorrow I'm supposed to Go Somewhere New. I've actually had where I want to go planned out for weeks: there's a path in the new part of my neighborhood that looks really pretty and storybookish. I'd like to go there.

But if I'm in Hell, it could be a long walk, so...we'll see. *sighhhhh* I'm such a moron, guys. I really am.



  1. I'm procrastinating right now :)

  2. Yeah I've had those days too. I used to think the most enjoyable day was one where I did nothing but at the end of those days I always felt the worst.

  3. Hum - I am having one of those days right now. I haven't even started school for today and it's 5.