Saturday, October 15, 2011

Staying Creative: Collaborate and Don't Give Up

Alright, I'll be honest: I didn't collaborate on Friday. But, the idea is great and it's inspired me to ask my friend Jesse if she wants to try to write a book together. We tried doing this in sixth or seventh grade with another girl.

The idea was good. The story would be about three girls, each written by one of us, from three different worlds. The first round of chapters, switching between characters, introduced the reader to the characters, their situations, and the culture. In the second round of chapters, things would start to fall apart for each girl, and for one reason or another, she would make a wish to be anywhere but where she was.

The three wishes all came true, with the girls being transported to earth. They meet each other and as they go through their strange new lives, learn to solve the problems they were running from at home.

Honestly, not a bad plot line for a bunch of twelve-year-olds, although it was completely Jesse's and my idea. And that was the holdup. While Jesse and I wrote our chapters and COLLABORATED, the third girl did not. Instead of improvising or whatever, Jesse and I just let the story fade into oblivion. *sigh*

But the POINT of that realquick sob story was to say I think I may ask Jesse if she wants to give the collaboration thing another shot.

I've also been considering telling her about Pandora, AKA telling her about my problems with erotica etc.. I've always gotten the feeling that she'd understand. We rarely see each other and she's never been my CLOSEST friend, but she has an absolutely freaky way of knowing when something is wrong with me, even if she hasn't seen me. I can't tell you how many times she's emailed me out of the blue asking if I was okay when I wasn't.

She would be the first girl to know. Four guys do, only three of which I told when I was in my right mind. I don't wanna talk about the fourth XD

Don't Give Up:

Today has been pretty good. Cassidy slept over because we were out late seeing the new Footloose last night. {LOVED IT. LOVED IT. Possibly more on that later.} Today we hung out at the soccer field for like three hours.

{Soccer field = the one and only place to be in my town on Saturdays. You always see six jillion people you know and the games can be really intensely awesome. At least they were when I was playing. Now all the good people have graduated, leaving only their second-rate younger siblings XD}

Then I came home and walked down to the lake with the Norwegian exchange student girl, who's great, because she wanted to take pictures of someone on this GORGEOUS day.

Honestly, there were not really opportunities to either give or not give up. It's been a fairly take-things-as-they-come day. Nothing particularly challenging, nothing particularly heinous {besides me family}.

But I promise, if I feel like giving up on something this evening, I will not.


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  1. I think collaborating sounds like a good idea, but I don't think I could do it. I've wondered how those authors like Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child write together. Like, does one come up with the story and the other edit or do they both write at the same time? How do they keep the narrative voice the same? I tried this with a group of friends back in the late 90's when MSN communities were the thing. One person started the story and whoever felt like it would continue. Each person invariably took the story in a different direction. But if it's meant to have different viewpoints like your plot then definitely I think it would work.

    Have you been feeling the need to tell someone else about the erotica issue? If so then maybe she would be the one. We can support you here only so much.

    Don't give up on whatever it is. Your Saturday sounded like a really good day :D