Monday, October 10, 2011

Staying Creative: Listen to New Music

My plan for this one was to raid iTunes's free stuff this week, but the thing is, I've actually already listened to it somehow. So dang.

Then I remembered that I haven't finished the list of songs Karlye posted on our dance class's Facebook wall, so I went there. And this is the result of the lovely stressless minutes I spent listening to Karlye's unusual suggestions.

Not digging this at all.
No, maybe I like it...
Okay, actually it kinda reminds me of some of the stuff on the Twilight soundtrack, so that's no good. or bluegrass or something for my particular taste.
I like pieces of it though...
I like 1:46-1:56 my mucho.
The harmonies are kind of cool.
I decidedly like it, but would not buy it. *firm nod*

I love that poem/song.
Ooh. Not this way though.
But it's Irish. So I can't completely hate it.
It's cute. It's soothing.
I just don't like her voice.
This is getting old. I wonder if it's any different as it goes... *skips ten seconds*
Okay, she gets slightly more forceful with it at 2:05...
Oh my gosh, not the chorus again. *skips*
Oh. That's it. Okay.
Officially not a huge fan of this one.

...was this in a movie?
Okay. I don't like it. It's not my style. I'm just not an Amy Winehouse fan.

0:13 This sounds promising :D
Okay, I like this. A lot. It's weird. And catchy.
Yeck. 1:35 squashed my love. Not digging the head voice.
I like it again.
Aw. More head voice. She reminds me of the Blue Foundation chick when she does that.
But I liked it.

I like Moby. Ever since Bourne Identity.
I like this, but it's not really holding my attention very well. I've FB stalked four friends and check three email accounts during it.
Don't love it.

I like it so far. it gonna have lyrics? I wish I were the kind of person who could just enjoy stuff instead of wondering what's coming next XD
Lyrics! I like.
I think I'm just being easily distracted right now. 'Cause I'm pretty sure normally I'd really like this. But I'm having a lot of trouble focusing.
Ooh, I read an article about that the other day. That all our electronics and constantly being plugged into things is making our multitasking skills better, but our abilities to focus worse.
I can see that.
I liked the song. I think.

This sounds really familiar.
I like the lyrics, not as much the delivery--
0:48 gets better somehow.
This song is uncomfortable and fascinating.
It's growing on me really fast.
3:18 Didn't see that :D I was typing. Like like.
There are like three contemporary dance videos on the sidebar now. This is really gonna suck me in for the next fifteen minutes. Can't overlook a dance.

*one hour later*

Oh my. Oh, I hate this.
She sounds deaf.
I can't do this. Next.

And last, actually.

Someone commented on the video saying "This song makes me want to leave my house in the middle of the night with my friends and just go forever and explore the world." I can see that.
1:16 Uhm, hm. I'm getting like an 80s vibe that I don't like...
Hm, maybe it's gone.
{stupid video keeps buffering -__-}
Huh. I liked that. Really neat. I liked that a lot.

And that was me, listening to new music. And I think it honestly got my creative juices flowing. How 'bout that?



  1. Music is inspiring. Well not all of them turn up the creative juices in me thought. sometimes they trigger my angst. =)

  2. There's a radio station around here I love because it has introduced me to several new artists I wouldn't have heard about any other way. I think I'm too impatient with new music and expect to be impressed right away. There have been artists I've discovered very late because I wrote them off to early.