Saturday, October 8, 2011

One of Those Weekends

This post is very long, guys, but reading over it, I think it's borderline hilarious. If you didn't have to actually live it, that is.

Do you ever have one of THOSE days? The day that just relentlessly sucks? Well, this has been one of those WEEKENDS.

It really started earlier this week when I started making plans for Friday night. The plan's base was embarrassingly weak to begin with and, until this moment, a secret:

I have a really awesome outfit. It's a draping, black, open back top with a bright blue glitter tiger on it. And it came from Spain. A couple of weeks ago, I found blue skinny jeans that are the EXACT same color as the glitter tiger. Then I found blue nail polish, which when paired with silver crackle, looks freaking amazing with the tiger outfit.

Unfortunately, it is already October, and there will not be many more opportunities to wear this thing of beauty. Ergo, make night plans and make them soon.

Yeahh, the reason behind the plan should have been a red flag at the beginning.

But, at the beginning of the week, this weekend looked promising. My parents would both be out of town {WOOT!}, Cassidy would take me to my Friday night dance class, and from there we would meet up with everyone at about 9 o'clock and see a movie.

But when I started checking movies and times, I quickly noticed something: there's nothing good playing. The only thing that looked remotely worth seeing was The Debt, but it was rated R, and while *I* can get in to those movies {psh, nbd...}, some of the people going cannot, and it would suck to have our party randomly split up.

So, movie is out. Dang. Plan B:

Chill at the mall. Rather unexciting, but hey, with a bunch of people it could be interesting.

Then on Thursday I get this text from Cassidy:

"Hey, I can't do Friday night. Sorry!"


So, okay. That screws things up in several different ways:

#1: I now have no ride to dance.
#2: Three of my friends depending on Cassidy now have no way to come hang out.
#3: I really like Cassidy.
#4: I have no way HOME from dance even if I could get there.

I texted Cass back and asked if she could at least get me TO dance. She said she could. YAY! So now I'm just stranded at dance...

But Kirsten! If I ask Kirsten to spend the night with me, then she can get me from dance, which is like five minutes from the mall, at 8:45 and we can go to the mall with everyone, and then she can just bring me home 'cause she's spending the night. Brilliant! I ask her.


So Cassidy will drive me to dance, Kirsten will pick me up, we'll go hang out with everyone at the mall, and then we'll come home and sleep. Perfect.

Then I find out my mom is coming home Friday night after all, just late. So dang. That means I have to actually ask her if Kirsten can spend the night. So I do. She says yes, CONDITIONALLY:

I have to do all of my weekly cleaning chores on Friday before Kirsten comes instead of on Saturday, when I normally clean. *sigh* Fine.

Except that since we went to the fair on Thursday, Friday is already going to be absolute HELL, because I have two days of school to do in one. And now I also have a full day of cleaning too. Urgh. But, I can do it. I can make this happen. For the sake of fun, freedom and blue glitter tiger shirts.

So, Friday. I'm going CRAZY trying to get things done. I've made a list with estimated times, and it looks like I can get everything done, but I will be literally down to the SECOND.

I'm just starting to get things going when Emma texts me:

"Hey! Do you wanna go to the fair Saturday?"

HECK YES! I'd love to go again! And with FRIENDS this time!

Me: "Sure! I was actually thinking about going again with friends! But I wouldn't wanna crash your family thing with a bunch of people."

Emma: "Oh no, it's fine! My sister's bringing friends anyway."

:D Sweet! I tell her I'll go and I start texting people. Haley, Brianna, Kirsten, David, Live, Daniel, Sam, Karlye, Susanna. Hope they can come! Now back to the issue at hand: school.

I've been behind in math for two weeks, and for GOD KNOWS WHY, I told my teacher I'd be all caught up by next week. I now have 6 lessons to do in 3 days. Literally impossible for me. Like, it seriously CANNOT be done. I suck at math.

Then I get a text from Sam:

"You do realize the mall closes at 9, right?"

-_______- No. No, I did not. So no mall tonight.

Plan C: Hang out in the Target-Starbucks-Books-A-Million shopping center. Fun stuff. But WHATEVER. With people, anything can be fun.

Although...wait...who's RSVP'd to the Friday night deal?

Me, obviously...
Kirsten, 'cause she's getting me from dance and spending the night.

Um. That' Well. Me, Kirsten, Emma and Sam. That will be...really interesting.

Then, at 12 o'clock, my dad comes and says, "Why aren't you getting ready?"

Me: "...what?"

Daddy: "We need to leave for Pat's funeral in an hour." {Pat is the wife of an old guy at our church.}


*jump in the shower, dress appropriately tragically, gather school books to do random bits in corners when no one is looking*

We leave at one. We get back at 3:15. Two hours and fifteen minutes gone. I am now completely behind schedule. Life is such a bitch.

I finally decide that math isn't all that important and go get started cleaning my room, which looks like an absolute BOMB WENT OFF. I also decide to check my phone. And I have two more glorious texts:

Jesi: "Hey! I'll be there tonight!"

Kirsten: "Hey, my mom said I have to pick between spending the night with you and the fair, so since I would get to hang out more tomorrow, I can't do tonight. Sorry!"

Me to Jesi: "Okay...great!"

Me to Kirsten: "That makes sense! See you tomorrow!"

Me to the world: "ARUGHEHGONWEOJGGHIOUBWE!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Now I have another person joining the bandwagon of tonight's epic failure, but without Kirsten, I have no ride to go hang out, or get HOME! Cassidy is gonna bring me to dance, but then...I'm stranded.


Shiitake mushrooms, this sucks.

Banging my head on the table, I call off tonight's plans. Me, Emma, Jesi and Sam just does not sound like a bundle of fun. {Jesi = reserved and conservative, Emma = unwilling to accept wildness, Sam = unreserved wild child.}

So dash it all. No fun plans, no tiger shirt, and at this point, I'll be stranded alone in the city. GREAT.

I decide to text Cassidy and tell her never mind, don't even take me to dance.

I text her.

I get this text from my unbiological older brother:

"Sure! David and I would love to hangout tonight!"

Me: *steamfromears* Seriously? You couldn't have told me that an hour ago? Because he could have taken me places. I can bum rides off him. But I just canceled everything, so only Sam would show up. And if you know these boys, it's not really a wonderful idea to put them all together alone with me. It's just not. Things get territorial.

So, recap. I'm 2 hours and 15 minutes behind my already impossible schedule of school work and cleaning, I've had to cancel dance because otherwise I'll be stranded, I've had to cancel my fun plans because of the same, and I still don't even know if anyone can come with me to the fair tomorrow. Screw the world.

In one last effort, I ask Daniel if he and David will just come over and watch a movie with me tonight after dance. That way Cassidy CAN take me to dance, the boys can just get me on their way to my house and then we can chill.

Then I go back to cleaning my room.

Cassidy comes over, 'cause she just does.

My room is depressing and disastrous. Still haven't heard from Daniel.

5:35. We leave for dance at 6:15 if we're leaving...

5:45. Daniel texts me. He can pick me up. I can now go to dance and have a ride home. YES!


6:15. Pizzas are ready. We eat.

6:30. Great. Late. But now on the way to dance.

6:55. Ten minutes late to dance, but I made it.

I spend the next two hours having a blast, despite the fact that I absolutely HATE this one chick in my class. Blurgh.

8:45: Daniel and David pick me up. I love them so much, guys. They're exactly what I needed.

We go home, and--OH. I forgot to tell you this: OUR DISHWASHER IS BROKEN. AND IT'S MY MONTH FOR THE DISHES. GOD. So I wash the day's worth of dishes while whining to my brothers. They laugh at me. Thanks guys.

Then we watch The Godfather, which is great.

I'm starting to get tired, but I don't wanna be left all alone after the kind of day I've had. I still have to get up early in the morning and clean because I didn't finish it all today and I'm going to the fair with Emma.

I tell the boys that even if I fall asleep they are obligated to stay with me until my mom gets home. They laugh at me. But they promise.

We start watching Ocean's Eleven. David bets that I will be out by 11:45.

11:43. I'm asleep :3

12:20. I wake up, totally disoriented. The boys have done the remainder of the dishes for me. AWWWWWWWWW :) Then we watch Whose Line is it Anyway? until my mom gets home.

The evening was amazing, the day SUCKED MAJOR FREAKING ASS, Y'ALL.

And then there was today...

Honestly, I don't wanna talk about it, and this post is long enough as it is. Stay tuned though. It's a real doozy.


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  1. Oh wow, that's a pain in the butt. Your brothers sound nice though, that was sweet of them. And Saturday sucked too? (I'm waving my hands in the air sending good vibes your way) This was funny in an 'aw that was so sad' kind of way :)