Monday, October 3, 2011

Staying Creative: Carry a Notebook Everywhere

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Hopefully this isn't going to intrude/encroach on any of my other notebooks' jobs. I already have a journal, and an Omni Liber. You are just part of a project I'm doing this month called Stay Creative. I have to carry tu everywhere today. I've already miss that really, b/c I didn't take you to bootcamp, and I haven't actually carried you around the house. In fact, I'm just now beginning you and it's 2:11. Fail XD Dang. Maybe I'll keep you going even after today. Can't tell you how many times I've wished I had a notebook and haven't. This could be the start of something XD

You name will be Azul. Creative, I know, but bey, that's why I'm doing this in the first place.

Azul, welcome to my life.

Page 2

In Car:
- having you makes me feel a powerful aliveness I haven't felt in a long time!
- The clouds remind me of a beach. Sky = sand, clouds = foaming surf.
- sheesh, everything is better when I have a notebook on me!
- Cosmic Love gets inside me.
- The field is golden brown. I think...I dunno what it used to be. I should take a picture. I love the way it looks.
- You know, having a tiny keyboard would be the BEST.
- That field has tall grass topped w/soft, feathery purple-gray stuff. I want a picture of that too...
- I wish I could drive.
- Can't Take It reminds me so much of HoJ {House of Justice, my story}.
- The clouds are diverse and sci-fi-esque.

Page 2

In grocery store:
- ring pumpkin w/a colorful bottom-of-a-green-pepper looking thing in the middle.
- individually-wrapped sweet potatoes...
- white mountain bread...awesome! looks like peasant bread.
- i <3 chocolate chip coookies...
- what's aseptic...?
- milk is lighter since going to bootcamp.
- harvest, not ripe tomatoe soup...?
- card category: "Suggestive Love." Awesome.
- I got the rottiserie chicken all by myself. I'm proud. I have a phobia of grocery stores alone. Even if my mother is 2 aisles away.

Page 3

In the Car:
- just saw a treehouse w/actual bark for siding.
- It sort of bothers me how he says "a'spected' instead of "expected" in Paradise.
- fall weather never fails to make me think of the fire fairies.
- Momma says the golden-brown plant field is/was soy beans.

- call Ed Wilson
- register for SAT
- cash tutoring checks
- fill out dance team competition forms
- check movies for Fri. night

Page 4

In the Car:
- You know how there are patches of trees covered in vines? They ALWAYS look like people to me.
- I HATE when ppl wave their hand in your face when you're staring off into space.
- I feel so disgustingly fat right now. Blurgh. Ate too much today.
- There's the golden-brown field again.
- I really do not want to got to this college prep thing...or whatever it is.

At the Thing:
- I look really homeschooled today... Didn't feel like putting on makeup and I'm wearing a mismatch of sweats.
- Oh goody. This woman looks home-schooled too... ANd she's carrying a box that says "Secret Recipe"... I shoulda worn my Papa Roach shirt w/the heart. She'd probably have a caniption.
- Now I feel bad about that sentence. I should be making her feel comfortable...

Page 5

During the Thing {I edited out my notes on the actual presentation. I just left the snarky, bored comments}:
- sometimes I still forget that everyone speaks English. I wish I were in Europe.
- More than anything I wish I had gotten dressed today. And put on makeup. I feel retarded.
- ...there's no way we're signing up for this...program? service?
- Holy wow, that the most awkward thing ever. My dad started clapping b/c the speaker lady was thanking someone one joined in.
- Did...did she jus say, "For the next hour and a half..."?!
- Aww. Now she's telling that we students should take complete responsibility for getting into college... Damn. Shush.
- Oh man. She just talked about the hugely expensive "elite" colleges...and named every one I've considered.
- Maybe I should make a name tag that says, "I WANT TO GO TO WAKE AND NOWHERE ELSE" before she gets too fired up about helping us choose...
- I really hate the way this lady makes it seem like you can't possible do certain things. I can get into anywhere I put my mind to, okay? And so can everyone else. Anything is possible.

Page 6

- It's "FAFSA," okay? Not "FASFA."
- Okay, make up is now the least of my worries. I am so bored and tired. -___-

Tomorrow I will be Freewriting. That'll be interesting. I hate freewriting... *sigh* We'll see.



  1. I think you can get into any college you want. You've always sounded smart to me.

  2. I actually always do this as well myself, I find it extremely helpful to my emotional stability and for creative purposes to carry around a little notbook for any ideas I have in the way of random thoughts, plans, or creative concepts. I've kept one for every year of high school so far and I must say after the year is out its sometimes really quite fun to read back over them, especially the first few pages :)