Saturday, October 29, 2011

Staying Creative: Finish Something

{I'm exhausted. S0z if I don't make that much sense. You'll get my drift though. I hope.}

The fire fairy reunion was terrific. It's amazing that after five years, none of us have called it quits or shrugged off the crazy childhood stories. I mean, out of the four of us, it seems like that at least one of us would have moved beyond them by now. Lucky for me, none of us have :D

We went to Goodwill and looked for costumes first. I didn't think we'd found much; I was preparing myself for them to suck, really. But shockingly, they did not. I actually think they were even better than our original attire.

We ate hot dogs.

I did everyone's fire fairy makeup.

And then we danced.

In the fire fairy story, we are entertainers for the Fire Lord, therefore dancing is a huge part of the story, and Jesse and I are dancers in real life. So, it seemed necessary to make up a dance.

We chose a song that goes back as far as the stories. A song that from the beginning, we thought felt like the fire fairies. The song is...

"The Foosa Attack." From the Madagascar soundtrack.

I would ask you not to judge us, but...go ahead. I don't mind XD

The song is only 37 seconds long, too, so we felt like that would be a reasonable length to choreograph. Ellie and Sarah thought it would be too short. Jesse and I know how choreography goes. It goes slowly.

Even slower than we anticipated actually XD The dance took us four hours to create and perfect. And wow. It is awesome. It is so fire fairies. It is so hot. It is I'm in love with it.

At 1:30, we all stumbled to my room and read through the first Fire Fairy story. It was a priceless hour :)

The next morning when Jesse's mom picked her up, we showed her the dance. She was impressed, which is saying something, because normally I could build a space shuttle and she'd be like, "Eh."

She told us how impressed and amazed she was that we all were still willing to get together and talk about this stuff. She said it was refreshing to see teenagers doing something like this. She said that she thought we might really have something here. She said the fire fairy stories have potential.

To a hopeful writer, those words are absolutely GOLDEN.

And it is with those encouraging words in mind that I tell you I am going to Finish Something.

I am going to Finish the Fire Fairy Story once and for all, and I'm going to do it for NaNoWriMo.

After five years of working pre-writing, I think I might have enough to make this happen XD

Ember, Flare
Flicker, Firefly






  1. That's a great idea to use the Fire Fairies story for November. What a perfect way to preserve the memory :)

  2. Thanks! Hopefully it'll last for 50,000 words...