Friday, February 10, 2012

{birthday wish}

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From my second to my sixteenth birthday, my annual wish on the candles was the same:

"I wish I had an older brother."

Pathetic? Probably. True? Definitely.

Of course, birthday wishes are just symbolic. They can't actually come true or anything.


But, I mean, why take a chance?

So I still make birthday wishes, and do not divulge them until 365 {or 366} days have passed and the wish has either come true, or not.

So far it's mostly been not. Though considering that for fourteen years I wished for the biologically impossible, I can't really blame the Birthday Fairy. {Although if you count Aaron, then my wish DID come true. So. Keep wishing, guys.}

On my seventeenth birthday, my wish was different. I wrote it down, and I quote:

"I wish I could have a great boyfriend. Not necessarily that I have to live happily ever after with him, but that he'll be wonderful and we'll have lots of good ties together and it'll at least be a good and not heart-breaking experience and we'll part ways mutually and still be friens and not regret anything."

I'm a very specific wisher.

The wish did not come true. However, I have fourteen years' worth of practice coping with null wishes, so it didn't really bother me XD

This year, my wish was something more practical; something that will actually have a long-term impact on the rest of my life. Wanna know what it is?

Lawl, nope XD Check back here in 363 days ;)



  1. Actually an older brother is not impossible... Though maybe a tad bit awkward on your dad:P

  2. I've always wanted an older sibling, and have definitely wished for one more than once x)
    I guess my cousins kind of act like my siblings, even if 14/17 of my first cousins are younger than I am. I get to watch them all grow up =DD
    ^I sound like an old person there.