Sunday, February 5, 2012

First Four Words

Thanks for reading, Furree Katt! :D

So apparently I'm Lazy, Outspoken, Eccentric, Sentimental.

That's depressing. And not true.

I'm not Sentimental XD



  1. Lazy, peaceful, outspoken and outgoing. All pretty true, but then aren't we all from time to time. I think all the words describe 90% of the people at least 25% of the time.

  2. Sorry, didn't work for me. When I play word search I have this thing where I can scan the page and find words almost instantly. It's great for trying to find a spot in a book again. The first one I saw was Lazy though :)

  3. Happy, impatient, genuine, peaceful.

    I think that lazy should have been the first word I found. :)

  4. Genuine, Lazy, Dramatic , Naive .

    Hmm I don't know..

  5. I got naive, lovely and sweet. Oh, and secure. But then it turned into insecure. So I don't know

    I don't think I did it right….hahahaha

  6. Outspoken, outgoing, sweet and dependent. LOL Sweet?!

  7. Jamie: I think you're probably right XD

    Jay: Well, what were the first four you saw? :P Haha, yeah, Lazy was mine too XD

    JW: Those are nice ones! I don't know you extremely well, but they seem to fit with what I do know :) Haha, I think everyone is at least a little lazy XD

    Alana: Those are fascinating ones. They would make a great character...

    Sorry o_o Writer moment. YOU ALREADY EXIST! :D {Oh jeez. I'm losing it. Just ignore me. Really.}

    Lex: LOLS XD The "secure" thing legitly made me laugh out loud. The smiley is trolling you.

    Steph: XD I'm not Sweet either. Must be something in our name.


  8. Thank you for checking out my blog and commenting! I am now a follower of yours :) I have seen this before I think, but it wasn't in the shape of a smiley face (this one is much cuter!) Apparently, I am naive, happy, patient, and elegant. Seems a bit counter intuitive but I'll take it! Haha :) xoxo