Wednesday, February 29, 2012

DumbThings I Did in February

1. Bit off part of my tongue. Oh, but I AM serious.
2. Didn't know that LarryBoy = Batman.
3. Dumped salt all over Collin's kitchen table.
4. Drank ketchup through a straw.
5. Bought the same song on iTunes twice.
6. Said "You too!" when the ticket guy told me to enjoy the movie.
7. Got out of the shower and realized I'd shaved one leg twice and not the other one.
8. Tried to make a pizza. Without turning on the oven.
9. Called my dog a kid's name by accident. In front of the kid.
10. Broke my sixth month no-crying streak ten days before the six month mark -_-
11. Put a list of dumb things I did on the internet.

Aaaaand, thanks for following, Juju etc.! XD I couldn't find a link to your blog :-/ Comment and I'll follow it and link you up.



  1. Haha, I did #8 about two months ago :)

  2. Jamie: It's so...awkward XD

    Jay: It doesn't work that well XD Btw, I'm going to to a vlog sometime so y'all can hear my voice. I haven't forgotten your comment on the You Might Be a Southerner post.


    1. Sweet! I'll make sure you know it's me in the comments :)