Sunday, February 12, 2012

Fragments II

Too good to waste, too short to stand alone.

- *me, working on the computer with earbuds in*
*my mom walks in* "Can I be with you?"
Me: "Sure! I'm not really gonna talk, though, but I'm glad to have you."
Mom: "Oh, that's fine! I just want to be in here with you."
*five seconds later*
Mom: *mouth starts moving and I have to take out my earbuds to listen and respond*
*five more seconds*
{repeat above}
{and again}
{and again}

- I once tried a hotel key in a door that wasn't mine to see if it would work. Like what if they made all the keys the same, assuming people would assume they were different? And no one knew? No way to know but to try.

- People who delete their Facebook histories make me smirk. It's like a mark of melodramatic idiocy to me. If you think you might be ashamed of it later, don't post it in the first place.

- I love Trollface comics. Like a lot.

- I am overly afraid of getting a tickle in my throat. Like, I'd almost rather throw up. And I HATE throwing up.

- The chipped nail polish on my right thumb looked like Africa the other day. I seriously should have taken a picture of it. It was great. There was Madagascar and everything.

- When I'm sick, my hair hurts.


  1. I actually laughed when I heard about your hotel room adventure.
    I had so much fun checking all the doors in hotels as a little kid, all in hopes that I had finally accomplished something, but had to stop after some guy told me off for messing with his lock..
    Fun times.

  2. Haha :D I'm pretty sure my childhood adventures will rival every teenage/adult adventure in awesomeness.


  3. Can hair hurt? It would be cool if it could. Or maybe it would suck. Hmmm. . .