Monday, February 13, 2012

Superman Wins

{Disclaimer: I'm WAY not an expert on superheroes. Like at all. Like sometimes I feel bad for even talking about them because I know so painfully little compared to what there is to be known. So yeah. I realize this.}

You might have noticed that Superman beat Batman in the "favorite heroes" poll I had up last week, 14 to 9. You might also know that I am wildly, madly, intensely {but not creepily or anything >_>} in love with Batman.

So you can imagine my response to the voting results, right?

Actually, wrong. I'm completely fine with Superman winning.

See, when I created the poll, I knew Batman was without a doubt my favorite hero. However, I also knew that if another hero were to win the quick popularity contest, it should be Superman.

Normally I'm really dogmatic about this sort of thing. Jeremy Sumpter is hotter than William Moseley, and you''re just WRONG if you think otherwise. The Twilight books are better than the Twilight movies and you're an idiot if you think otherwise. Sauron is a better villain than the Emperor, and I will heatedly argue that point with you for a long time.


But when it comes to Superman beating Batman in the poll...

It's okay.

Batman is my favorite for a lot of reasons, but Superman is so amazing that when he won, I just had step back and nod. It felt okay to me. It felt right.

Superman is great. He's incredibly strong, but somehow manages to stay Good. He's smart, but somehow manages to stay humble. The world is evil and retarded, but somehow he never gives up on it. He's powerful and brave and earnest and kind and somehow manages not to be the sissy kind of good that people despise. {Well, in my opinion, at least. I guess that could be open to debate.}

Superman is the most genuinely good person I "know." How can you NOT love him? He's just freaking fantastic.

So that's why I don't mind that Batman lost to Superman in the poll. Because Superman seriously is amazing, and anyone who prefers him to Batman is still absolutely all right in my book. Clark Kent would make a better friend than Bruce Wayne any day. {<--- admitted more reluctantly than you can imagine.}

Of course, this isn't saying anything about which hero would win in a fight.

Although, seeing as Superman is sort of indestructible, it wouldn't be much of a fair fight.

Unless Batman had kryptonite or something, but that seems a little below-the-belt to me too.




  1. Geek Alert! First, I want to say nicely written. Batman is my preferred character but he's not the friend type, Superman is. Superman is basically the icon of goodness among the superheros.

    That being said, I have a book recommendation for you. It's a graphic novel called Batman:The Dark Knight Returns, written by Frank Miller. Think the atmosphere of the movie Dark Knight and you've got it. Batman has retired and must come out of retirement one last time. Here's the kicker though. Have you ever wondered what Superman looks like through Batman's eyes? Would you like to see an actual man to man fight between them (it's a fair fight)?

    Before Batman Begins came out this book reestablished my faith in the Batman story. He's no joke, none of the villains are. This story is all around incredible writing.

  2. I used to really like The Dark Knight Returns until I read more of Frank Miller's later works (like his prequels and sequels to DKR) and realized that a lot of DKR's story was just Miller going "BATMAN IS THE MOST BADASS MAN THAT HAS EVER LIVED." Specifically, he writes every other hero character in the DCU like idiots, while only Batman is smart enough to do anything. And generally, Batman's solution is just to punch the bad guys, regardless of the consequences.

    Still, though, it is required reading for any comic fan, and it's really great as long as you don't take it as DC Universe gospel.

  3. I haven't read any of the other prequels or sequels of Frank Millers so you could be right. It doesn't change the quality of the writing though as you've said. And part of the reason why the conflict between Superman and Batman occurs is because Batman's methods can be...forceful? Actually Dark Knight Returns should almost be taken as a minor altered universe, would you agree?

  4. It actually is recognized as being on an alternate Earth (Earth-31).

  5. Oh I didn't know that. I wasn't interested in reading any of the other Batman stories he did. I just thought Stephanie would be interested in their showdown.

  6. Cool! Maybe I'll find the Frank Miller books. But I won't let it influence my thoughts on the other heroes too much :)

    Batman is pretty badass.