Thursday, February 9, 2012

Monopoly with Batman

I dreamed that the family, Batman and I were playing Monopoly. It was the Christian Bale Batman, in costume.

He landed on my {Monopoly} property or something, and owed me money. He had the money in his hand, but asked me if I would mind letting him pay later.

Me: “:D Sure, Batman! I trust you.” I felt sweet and innocent and like I was doing the right thing. For some reason I had the vague idea that he’d be proud of my love and respect for him, like giving him reassurance that he was a good hero or something.

But instead he gave me this scathing look of contemptuous disapproval that seemed to say, I have the money here in my hand, and you’re going to suspend justice just because you ‘trust me’?

Upon waking I felt embarrassed. However, the dream was enlightening and made me think. I shouldn't suspend reason just because I WANT to believe something. It’s irrational, unjustified, unintelligent and dangerous.

And Batman would definitely disapprove.


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