Tuesday, February 7, 2012


<<<<<<<<< **AH-CHOO!**

Wow! Thanks for joining us, Nicole, Kelly and Karleigh! {I love alternate spellings. I have a friend that spells this name "Karlye."} Hope you guys like it here :)

I was going to post something elegant and philosophical for my birthday, but I couldn't think of anything so here's a picture of a sheep instead.


Today I'm going to...

~ Eat lunch at Panera Bread.
~ Open presents, some of which hopefully have something to do with Batman.
~ Watch my mom make a chocolate pound cake for me
~ Have dinner with Cassidy {of course}, Kirsten {:D}, Jesse {she gets me}, David {he will never get me}, Daniel {yup}, Sam {maybe} and Brianna {alright}.
~ Watch "Tangled" with the aforementioned people.

Eighteen is going to be a hugely transitional year for me. I'm leaving home, going to college, losing some friends, gaining some new ones, and basically embarking on the rest of my life.

But tonight, it's just me and my friends watching a Disney movie about a girl who turns eighteen, achieves her dream, and falls in love.

It's sort of perfect, isn't it? Or maybe just ironic.

...perfectly ironic? Ironically perfect? Hm O.o

Either way, I'm pretty sure that's the story of my life XD



  1. Welcome to the world of never being a kid again. You'll do fine :D

    1. By the way, I liked the birthday post draft :)

  2. happy birthday! sounds like an awesome plan for your day. :)

  3. Huge birthday wishes to you, Stephanie!


  4. Happy birthday! Hope it's awesome :)

    *gives virtual cake*

  5. Thanks guys! You know it was awesome :)