Saturday, February 18, 2012

Why Batman?

Some of you may know that I like Batman.

Most of you know that ^that^ was the understatement of the century.

I like Batman so much that I'm tempted to say I actually love him. The sad thing is, if he were real, I'm pretty sure he wouldn't like me that much. Aaron says it isn't personal; Batman doesn't like anyone. I guess that's true, but he loves Alfred and Robin, right? {And then there's Catwoman, but UGHDON'TGETMESTARTED.}

Batman and Superman are without a doubt my favorite heroes, and as I said last week, if you prefer Superman, that's fine with me. However personally, I decided that the Dark Knight was my hero of choice about two years ago and uphold that choice to this day. Why? For six very good reasons.

1. He has a passion for justice.
All my life, injustice has outraged me. You believe he's guilty just because that kid says so? You're letting her off the hook just because she's bawling? You think it's okay to steal just because it's for a good cause? No, no, NO!

As I've matured, I've realized how much broader the scope of injustice is. I'm a passionate patriot and I think allowing injustice to stand in America is a CRIME. It is a crime to murder, steal and cheat, but it's also a crime not to confront those offenses. It's the duty of Americans to uphold her values with our own lives.

Batman embodies this passion--even when it's difficult. Which brings me to point number two...

2. He doesn't let personal issues get in the way.
Before you wet yourself laughing, let me clarify. Yes, the whole reason for Bruce Wayne becoming Batman is a personal issue {his parents being killed}. However, as Batman, I think he does a great job of upholding justice and disregarding personal drama.

3. He has a past.
Superman is cool. However, he grew up on a farm with a great family, whereas Batman grew up in a gritty city as an orphan. Batman has something to remember, something use, something to fight for in his past.

4. He does not have powers.
Hopefully this thought has already occurred to you, but...Bruce Wayne is just a normal guy. He's not from Krypton; he's not an Amazon; he hasn't been hit by lightning. Most other heroes are SUPER. They've been blessed with unusual power, and therefore are more obligated to give back to society.

Bruce Wayne didn't have his destiny spelled out for him. He decided he wanted to fight crime all on his own, and he made it happen.

Which segues nicely into reason five...

5. He's extremely resourceful and intelligent.
Batman uses the resources he has to make what he needs {or at least delegates Lucius Fox to do it XD}. He realizes that the best solution to every problem is not ALWAYS "punch it in the face." He uses his brain as well as his brawn. He also makes me laugh sometimes. I like the time when Robin was trying to get him to watch "It's a Wonderful Life," and Bruce was like, "-_- *sigh* It's not relentlessly cheerful, is it?"

6. He's dark.
Let's face it: I prefer a dark, brooding vigilante to a wide-eyed, wholesome hero. I would have crushed on Batman over Superman even without all these awesome reasons. The reasons aren't why I fell in love with Batman.

They're why I'm STILL in love with him two years later.


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  1. I've been thinking about that "punch it in the face" since your Superman post. Why does Batman need to be such a badass? It's because he has no superpowers. He's in the most corrupt city in the world and he's just a man. Without fear, without making himself something that no one wants to run into he'd be useless. Isn't it better if his mere presence makes a criminal run rather than fight? If that criminal decides to fight he knows he's going to leave with a couple broken bones. And personally if Batman was real and he saved me, I wouldn't mind if he broke the guys leg in the process.

    Most superheros accomplish things with powers they didn't even have to earn. Superman is freaking indestructible whereas if Batman falls off a building he goes splat. Batman learns how to fight, be a detective, make his weapons. He frequently outsmarts his enemies rather than out punches them.

    As a side point the only thing that bothered me about the Christopher Nolan Batman movies is the lack of change between Bruce and Batman. Bruce is way too serious. I don't know if that's bothered anyone else.