Friday, February 3, 2012


{HEY! Remember when I said I'd been chosen to be a columnist for the Miss Unlimited Website? If you don't, you can click here or just go directly to the introductory post on the MU website that went up this morning :D My post goes up on February 15th, but starting on the 6th you'll get to read posts from other teen bloggers who have been selected. The website is still growing, so we'd all appreciate if you would spread the word to teen girls you know who might benefit from it :) That is all.}

Apparently I am Irresistible.

Okay, so it's the Pandora blog that has been named irresistible, if you're into splitting hairs and being technical.

Thanks, Shena!

The rules are simple.

1) Post seven random facts about yourself.
2) Award ten other bloggers.

1. I hate posting random facts, because random facts sometimes evolve into the most interesting posts, and by blowing all my facts in a list, I feel like I'm wasting valuable thoughts.

2. But I'm still very flattered that Shena awarded me :D It made me really happy, so I suppose it's worth wasting thoughts.

3. That didn't make sense.

4. Ahhhhhh, I'm cheating so baaaaaad{ly}.

5. I love the idea of water. Mermaids, swimming, diving, doing flips under water are all extremely beautiful, desirable things in my head. But in reality, water sort of scares me. And I can't do an under water flip.

6. I dislike the color orange. But I have orange fingernail polish that I love.

7. I try to take the intention of awards seriously, in that I'm not going to give this to you unless I think your blog is Irresistibly Sweet. {So, like, Aaron and Jay, don't get your hopes up.}

So, now I will tag...

Elizabeth, because she's one of the few bloggers who knew me before Pandora, and she's stayed as kind to me as ever. That makes her blog Sweet.
Anna, because her blog layout is Sweet in a cute-yet-definitely-mystical way. I love it.
Katie, because she's Sweet and real and her blog title is beautiful {Beauty Like a Kaleidoscope}.
Furree Katt, because...okay, seriously? Go to her blog and you'll see why I don't have to be specific. She and her blog are both seriously Sweet.
Miss Raquel, because she recently posted about The Hunger Games and bowties. Sweeeeet.
Sara, because she has a Sweet voice and rocked it at her school's talent show!
Mary, because her last few recipe posts have literally been Sweet.
Ginger, because she recently gave her blog a makeover that is completely Sweet.
Tela, because her blog is called "Normal's Overrated." She totally gets it.
And last, Gabrielle and Addie, because they are two of the sweetest bloggers out there. I love their blog and their story.



  1. <3

    kay. my seven facts.

    one) i met a french boy last summer and fell in love (ohhhh, exaggeration.) after our short encounter, i never saw him again.

    two) i crave fruit always.

    three) i'm in love with summer.

    four) the killers are one of my favorite bands.

    five) i like spending time with people older than me. three of the college guys in one of my classes, ect.

    six) i can tell you that you're pretty in dutch.

    seven) i wish i had a british accent.


  2. Aw, you're so sweet! :D Thanks so much!!

  3. Aw well thank you! :) I'm glad you like our blog! I LOVE yours as well, it's definitely one of my favorites!

  4. awwwww. thanks SO much. this really means a lot to me. you're the sweetest, haha. ♥ friends forever? ;D