Thursday, January 12, 2012


Too good to waste, too short to stand alone.

- Today I walked into the bathroom and saw we were out of toilet paper. I decided I didn't have to go that badly and left.

- The :-/ moment when you think, "Well damn. There's no way I can compete with that."

- I'm a real critic and snob about books, but when it comes to music I'm a lot more...lenient. You like what you like, and unless it's Hannah Montana I'm not going to tell you it's crap. I like what I like, even when you might say it's crap. I think I don't consider myself competent enough in music to judge songs with any authority.

- "Whenever you feel worthless, remember: you were once the quickest sperm cell."

- I hate it when I'm buying books in a series and they change the binding design style in the middle. I have some Ranger's Apprentice books with a big ol' series number on the binding, and some that just have the title. It is irritating.

- Sarah and I were walking through Wal-Mart the day after Christmas and I turned to her and said, "I love this belt. Now I can put my phone in my pocket and my pants don't fall off." And then I noticed the hott guy beside of us. He tried not to smile as he walked away. I think he was probably really nice.

- When people put extra letters on their words, my mental voice actually says them. So when you say "I loveeee herrr." I hear "Ahee lohv-eeeee her-ehrrrr."

- I've always wanted to marry a childhood friend. But then I look around at my childhood friends and think, "Nah."


  1. As usual, I loved this post. The random fragments of life are beautifully arranged. It is almost thought provoking.


  2. For that second one...I get that every time I watch someone on YouTube.