Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I have recently become obsessed with the show Bonanza {you may have noticed that it's stayed on my CurrentObsessions list for a while now}. I. Freaking. Love it.

It's set in Nevada during the time of the Old West. It's about a family named Cartwright: Ben, the father; Adam, the aloof oldest; Hoss the gentle giant; and Little Joe the hothead. They have a huge ranch called the Ponderosa and have all kinds of adventures, usually involving some injustice, a mysterious traveler, or a girl.

I saw it occasionally when I was little, but I never got into it. I rediscovered it a month ago and fell in love with it. Unfortunately they were playing later seasons, after Adam, the oldest, has left. I missed him even though I didn't know what I was missing. I didn't actually remember him, but I have this thing for older brothers so I missed him anyway.

Last week, they finally switched back and started playing the early episodes. Adam is back and everyone's personalities are more their own. I loved the later Bonanzas, but now I don't think I could ever be satisfied with them.

He's the oldest. He's responsible and capable and doesn't take crap from anyone. He's proud and stubborn without being rash. He and his youngest brother, Little Joe, don't always get along because Adam thinks Joe is irresponsible.

Adam adds a whole dynamic to the show that's missing once he's gone. I didn't actually remember him much from when I was little, but I guess I had in mind for him to be understanding and protective, the heartthrob of the show.

He's not quite.

While he is brave and strong and attractive and no one can match him in a duel, he's a bit heartless. Not in a cruel way, just in an unemotional way. It actually scares me a little. He does everything out of loyalty or honor or duty, but not out of love. He has zero tolerance and it doesn't seem to matter much whether you're a man or a woman. He has no weakness and no soft spot. It's unnerving.

Apparently his name is really "Eric." I had no idea until I saw it on Wikipedia about ten minutes ago. He's called "Hoss" because he's HUGE. He's the teddybear type. He loves animals and he has soft spots all over. He's very brave and loyal and determined though, and he doesn't shy away from fights when necessary. He's adorable.

Little Joe
He's my favorite, I think. Out of the three brothers, he's the one I think I could fall in love with. He's proud and wild and sweet too. In the later episodes he's a heck of a fighter, but in these early ones...well, he's got a lot to learn. {The fact that Adam can beat the crap out of him never seems to stop him, so maybe that's how he gets better. I don't know.}

Joe is the right amount of fierce and lovable. He doesn't scare me like Adam, and I wouldn't worry about walking all over him like Hoss. He's also quite good-looking XD

If you watch Bonanza, who's your favorite Cartwright son? If you don't...


Sorry if you were bored out of your mind during this rant, but I've been wanting to talk about Bonanza for a while :) And it may not be the last you hear of it XD



  1. Haha, this is the best summary of the brothers I've ever read :D. Seriously, Adam was a bit cold, Hoss is a sweet ol' softie, and Little Joe is my favorite too! When you mentioned Bonanza in that post about Hershey's drops or blobs or whatever, that abomination, I was like 'YAY BONANZA!'. I too grew up watching it, and got really into it a couple years ago, when it started playing every morning and I made it a part of my daily routine (then it was rescheduled so I haven't seen it in a while). Anyway, love that show ^_^!

  2. Thanks! :D I'm so into it lately, haha. I look ahead of time on our cable and read the descriptions to figure out which ones to watch. I'm a total Bonanza nerd now.