Thursday, May 19, 2011

Don't You Hate It When...

{Btw, thanks for following, Fiona!}

1. You're someone's best friend, but they're not yours.

2. Someone "thank you" for something you didn't actually do.

3. You say, "Aw, thank you!" to a compliment before realizing...the person wasn't talking to you.

4. Someone you hate is nice to you.

5. People walk S-L-O-W-L-Y in front of you.

6. You get stuck somewhere {car trip, church service, hide-and-go-seek spot}...and have to pee.

7. You accidentally touch your Dark Mark in the shower and Voldemort shows up.

8. You can't tell if someone is being serious or not. {To laugh, or not to laugh...that is the question...}

9. It's Saturday but you forgot to turn off your alarm.

10. You get stuck talking to a friend's parents.



  1. aw yes, i do hate it a lot esp #5, 8 & 9. haha XD

  2. Love this. Still laughing.
    #10 sucks big time.

  3. haze: 5 especially gets under my skin, especially if it's in a narrow space and I can't get around them...Urgh XD

    Psycho: :D It dooooooes.


  4. Oh my gosh #3! It's like the most embarrassing thing on earth!