Thursday, May 26, 2011

Top Ten: Sexiest Book Guys

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Things I Love to Do:
1. Make lists

And lately I've been making various Top Ten lists. I find it entertaining, challenging and a great way to distract myself from the fact that it's been cloudy for about 10 out of the last 14 days. {*waaaahhh*}

So without further ado, I give you one of my personal favorite Top Ten lists:

Top Ten Sexiest Book Guys
{Since they're books, I couldn't always find pictures that fit them. I tried, but I refuse to insult the character by choosing an inaccurate picture ;]}

1. Jace Wayland
Who? Possibly the best Shadowhunter the world has ever seen
Where? "The Mortal Instruments" trilogy by Cassandra Clare
Why? He's arrogant, funny, strong, protective, attractive, fierce, and a bit brooding. He's the funniest, wittiest character I have ever read. That's a huge compliment because 1) I don't think much is witty in today's literature and 2) I read a lot. To show you just a few of Jace's best lines...

"The meek may inherit the earth but at the moment it belongs to the conceited. Like me."

"Don't tell me. You're having a drawing emergency and you need a nude model. Well, I'm out of commission." He pointed at himself--he was wearing blue pajamas with a hole in the sleeve. "Look. Jammies."

"I have a high pain threshold. In fact, it's more of a large and tastefully decorated foyer than a threshold. But I do get easily bored."

2. John Sager
Who? A thirteen-year-old boy during the pioneer days
Where? "On to Oregon!" by
Why? John is determined, proud and clever. He's tough and protective and also an older brother, which gives him a heckuvalotta points with me. He's a pioneer badass and isn't about to let anything stop him from achieving his late father's dream. On the cover he's also really tan and attractive. *shrugs* At least I thought so when I was 11. I haven't seen that cover in a while.

3. Will Herondale
Who? A complicated, brooding Shadowhunter of the 1800s
Where? "The Infernal Devices" trilogy by Cassandra Clare
Why? Wow. Will is so hard to place in this list. I keep moving him higher, then wondering why exactly. My feelings for him are as complex as he is.

"Complicated" is perhaps the best word I can think of to describe him. "Brooding," "angry," and "confusing" also work. He's sly and capable and clever and good-looking. Black hair and blue eyes, a razor-like, intense beautiful.

4. Johnny Tremain
Who? An arrogant, teenaged ex-silversmith during the Revolutionary War
Where? "Johnny Tremain" by Esther Forbes
Why? He's one of the most complex characters I've read. He's cocky {I'm noticing a theme here} and sarcastic, but also sensitive. It's difficult to explain why he's so sexy. I think it's the combination of determination and pride that drives him.

5. Edward Cullen
Who? The smart and sexy secret vampire of Forks, Washington
Where? The "Twilight" saga by Stephenie Meyer
Why? He's had over 100 years to perfect his lady-killing skills, and they're pretty well sharpened at this point. He's sweet, protective and genuine. He's the lanky kind of strong, which gets me every time. {Actually, everyone on this list is except for Kavi.} He's also mentioned to have a crooked smile and raise one eyebrow. W00T!

6. Kavi
Who? A clever peddler-turned-spy in the Arabian-style land of Farsala
Where? "The Farsala Trilogy" Hilari Bell
Why? He's complex. He's brave, but not stupid. Proud, but not if it means his life. He's a class A liar and is haunted by his hatred for the nobles of his world. He despises their hypocritical ways and lack of honor. He's also tan.

7. Harry Potter
Who? The brave and bold child prodigy wizard of Hogwarts
Where? The "Harry Potter" series by J.K. Rowling
Why? Gosh, another complex guy. So real he MUST exist out there somewhere. Harry is brave and proud and strong, but not in ways that make him seem too good to be true. He's the perfect boy-next-door-with-a-heroic-twist sort of boy.

8. The Thief Lord
Who? A daring and clever kid gang-leader in Venice, Italy
Where? "The Thief Lord" by Cornelia Funke
Why? He's mysterious, shadowy, and arrogant, the kind of leader that expects to be followed without question. He runs the gang in a benevolent dictatorship fashion and has deep dark secrets to boot.

9. Misha
Who? A teenaged Russian rebel during the Russian Revolution
Where? "Angel On the Square" by Gloria Whelan
Why? He's cocky and rebellious and an extreme realist. He doesn't agree with the government and does what he can to stand up to it. He's determined and bold and protective of his younger cousin, even while telling her she's a silly spoiled brat.

10. Hamlet
Who? The clever and passionate Prince of Denmark
Where? "Hamlet" by William Shakespeare
Why? He's so passionate and brave and rash and angry and smart. The way he calls his mother out on her horrible scheme is really hott for some reason. He's out to avenge his father, which is another sexy quality. I dunno. I just like him.



  1. Jace definetly deserved number one.
    He's wonderfully written. (:

  2. i love that Hamlet is number ten. i seriously love that. it made my day :)