Friday, May 27, 2011

Damien McGinty

Never heard of him? Yeah, it's okay. I had totally forgotten about the poor kid til, like, today. He's one of the singers in the group Celtic Thunder. Heard of them?

Well, they're a Celtic singing group, and Damien is the short one. The young one. The cute one. The one who grows up and looks like this:
Yahoooo! {<--no idea where that came from} He's cute. Not, like, OHMYGOSHHE'STHEEPITOMEOFHOTT or anything, but I think he's attractive. And adorable. And he sings Celtic music. So I figured he was worth a post.

He kind of reminds me of a young Rollo Weeks {whom it is really difficult to find pictures of}, who might merit a post himself within the new few weeks.

Anyway, more about Damien.

He's been singing with Celtic Thunder since he was only FOURTEEN YEARS OLD {dangg}. He used to be a reeeally high tenor obviously, but he's now turned into a bass. So, yeah. Yay for puberty, which took from this...

To this...

Yeah, that's right. I said this...

To this...

Oh yeah.


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  1. Give him a couple more years Steph, I honestly thing he will move from cute to hot-ness! ♥