Friday, May 6, 2011

"The Type"

I think girls have more developed taste than guys when it comes to the opposite sex. Would you agree?

I'm going to assume you do, considering most of the people who follow this blog are of the female persuasion.

Here's how I, as a girl, see it: with guys, there is always "the type." There are things that guys ALL love about girls, like a check list, and when each requirement is met, the girl is pronounced "hott." Like for instance, whoever this is.
Every guy will think she's good-looking.

Of course, some guys may like a girl that other guys don't. That can happen. BUT. There are some girls that every single guy ever is going to agree is attractive.

That is not the case with girls. There is no "type" with us. There is no universal "hott." No matter who the guy is, there will be a girl out there who disagrees. We have our own preferences. There is not a checklist of characteristics that goes for every female on the planet.

For example, I think Thomas Dekker is one sexy man.
My best friend Cassidy does not. {How the hell--anyway.}

Conversely, Cassidy thinks Ryan Reynolds is the stuff, when I just...don't. At all.
{Although he does have nice abs.}

As a matter of fact, Cassidy and I have almost the exact opposite taste in guys. We were bored and even made a list one day of guys I like that she doesn't, and vice versa. We came up with a list of characteristics that I especially like and dislike, and ones she especially likes and dislikes.

Because nothing is private in today's warped and pathetic society, I'll share the lists with you.

Stephanie Likes:
1. Expressive eyebrows
2. Thinnish faces
3. Tall
4. Tan
5. Intense eyes

Stephanie Hates:
Round faces
Poofy lips

Cassidy's Likes:
1. Squinty eyes
2. Squarish face
3. Big lips
4. Tall
5. Dark

Cassidy's Dislikes:
Thin faces
Narrow chins

It's funny how two people {who are usually so alike} can have such different opinions on hottness.

Why is it exactly? Is it because girls are more complex? Are we more in tune to the little things, like expression and the implications of a certain look? Maybe we're just deeper. It takes more than hair and boobs to get our attention XD

{Just kidding, boys.

You know, kind of.}

What do you like/dislike about the opposite sex looks-wise?



  1. To ME, Thomas Dekker is most definitely NOT hot-which serves to prove your point, girls have significantly more varied tastes :). A certain girl I know used to think SPIDEY/TOBY MAGUIRE was hot. Please, please tell me you see the insanity in that... lol xD. Anyway, I think you're right about there being a certain look that every guy would go for, and in a way every girl strives to have :-P.

  2. okay,
    as i see it, we, as women, being the more amazingly complex of human specimens, physically speaking, have the biological choice to pick our mates. from a reproductive/animal nature of course. and tested through time. see: animal planet's humping specials.
    i think we are more selective due to this and because we seek deeper connections in intimacy as a whole.
    i have these odd conversations with my b.f. about which women i find attractive [i'm bi and monogamous] and he thinks i will:
    a] respond like an erect penis, like he may, toward women i find pretty- and i don't.
    b] assume i want to fuck every attractive human out there- also untrue.

    i am not sure that you and i are talking about the same stuff here, but i find these observations to be interesting.

    and as far as i see- it's more than mere visual stimulation that = sex appeal... it's lilt of the voice, personal scent, gestures, and much much more that makes one truly attractive.

    and as far as celeb eye-candy, we are hungry for the fantasy, that's it. slap a symmetrical face on an otherwise so-so person, and many people find them HOT. whatever. say they had bad b.o.? or were mean... what then? hot is fleeting. smart is sexy!

  3. Elizabeth: Oh my goodness. Seriously? I think he's, like...almost the ultimate attractive. I mean, I've seen better, but if I had to pick "my type," it would be that. Wow XD

    Toby McGuire??? Um. No. XD

    Violet: Welll, haha, some good insights there XD Although I you're right and we're not quite talking about the same thing XD


  4. Yeah, we have so many "thingies" about what is hot or totally un-hot. We tend to have different "appeal" points. We have an idea of what we want, except that it can get blurry sometimes.
    But we do have common taste on women we like to kill, just because ... hehe

  5. Okay, Thomas Dekker is HOT. In that picture, he is majorly ugly to me, but I'm on vacation and wound up watching Terminator, TSCC, and looked up the hottie who plays John, and what do you know-it's the same guy you mentioned! HAIR is everything... lol xD. Haha, just thought you'd find that interesting...

  6. *Googled Terminator when you said that* OH MY GOSH. He's ten times hotter in that movie. I've never seen it, but woooooow. Hair does make a big difference for sure XD Buuut glad you think he's attractive ;)


  7. I don't know Steph. The woman above does nothing for me. Does that kill your whole theory? Maybe my type is just different from most men :D I honestly don't have a type. in terms of those specifics. But abs, my weakness.

  8. Well, I guess there are bound to be exceptions to every theory XD Ah, who doesn't love abs? :D