Saturday, May 28, 2011


Ever heard of the Myers-Briggs typology test? It's a legitimate personality test. Not the kind that tells you "ur a sweet person and ppl luv u!" or "ur kinda bossy u might wanna work on dat." This is a full scale, totally legit psychological test that will explain yourself to you in ways you never considered--with embarrassing accuracy.

I kind of forgot about this test until a few days ago, and it's even more awesome than I remembered.

Even if you're not into this stuff, I would suggest taking it because it honestly helps you understand your own self. You can take it HERE in about ten minutes.

The way the test works is you answer the questions, and it'll give you a four-letter personality type. Mine is ENTJ. There are two possibilities for each letter. You can either be Introverted (I) or Extraverted (E). Then you can either be Sensing (S) or Intuitive (N). Then you have either Thinking (T) or Feeling (F). And lastly you can be either Judging (J) or Perceiving (P).

Sound confusing? It's really not. It's ridiculously accurate though.

The test won't tell you about yourself in detail, it only gives you the letters. If you want to know what Myers-Briggs says about your personality type, take the test and click the appropriate type below. I'm so awesome I've linked you up.

ISFJ - A High Sense of Duty {MY YOUNGER SISTER.}

I found a description of my personality and found myself blushing, scowling, laughing and nodding along with it. Here are some highlights of me, an ENTJ. {Comments in the brackets.}

~ The entire world is a chessboard, with pieces in need of being moved--by them--for the greater good. Life is a system of forces to be understood, mastered, harnessed, altered, or defeated, as appropriate, from day to day. {*awkwardly clears throat* Well. Yes. *blink*}

~ A low regard for people who refuse to engage them or are intimidated by them, and high regard for those who stand up to them and challenge them intellectually, emotionally, or any other way. {YES YES YES YES YES OH MY GOSH YES.}

~ Their strong egos can trick them into thinking they can do or handle anything, including details and intense interpersonal matters, but details and interpersonal skills are simply not the ENTJs' strong suits. {WHAT THE HECK? I CAN SO HANDLE INTERPESONAL--oh. Well. This is ironic.}

~ When an ENTJ "fails" at such matters, the resulting stress, frustration, and feelings of incompetence can result in self-flagellation and criticism, often totally out of proportion to the issue at hand. Indeed, when it comes to criticism of self or others, ENTJs are usually in a class by themselves. {Um. Okay, sort of true... *wince*}

~ To their frequent surprise, ENTJs are often told they appear angry, even when it is just their enthusiasm for a point that has gotten them so worked up. Such encounters can be frustrating for ENTJs--as well as for those around them--and they may find themselves in the rather ironic position of having angrily to defend their nonanger. {*jumps up and down dancing and screaming* YESSSSSSSSSS! OH MY GOSH YES.}

~ Relationships there tend to be open, honest, and stimulating. {True, at least on my end.}

~ ENTJs see children as fun because they are young minds to be encouraged, enlightened, and stimulated. As they grow, the children, too, become eligible to be drawn into hearty discourse about a variety of subjects. {YEAH! :D}

~ When rebellion is encountered, the ENTJ enjoys the exchange, even admires at some level the boldness of whoever is rebelling, but still use maximal powers of persuasion to quell the revolt and ensure that all parties continue to march to the beat of the ENTJ drummer. {Yeah. This is true.}

~ If the rebel manages to win, that person also wins the ENTJ's respect. Each day, at work or at home, the ENTJ may win some and lose some, but there are few, if any, draws. {Wow. This is so accurate.}

~ Teachers may not always understand an ENTJ, and the result is often some very hostile moments, power struggles that an ENTJ student is likely to lose. If there is no face-saving way out, the ENTJ can be resistant to subsequent learning experiences. {Yes yes yes yes YES. Story of my young life.}

~ They don't understand why anyone would personalize an argument or competition. {Yes, seriously. It's not personal, it's just an argument or a competition. I'm going to try to win, to the best of my abilities, and if it seems like I'm mad at you in the process...well, I'm not.}

Let me know what you are!



  1. Randomly came across your sight. Funny - we almost got the same thing! I got ENFJ. Pretty cool test :)

  2. I'm an ENTJ.
    And I have license to conduct the administration and formal assessment on MBTI.

    You need an I, S, F, P in your life to balance the beauty of the universe around you.